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Kids say it best

Know your curriculum… and then make it accessible to students in a way that helps them to develop their own knowledge. The thing is that the curriculum is complex and a little wordy. Breaking it all down and in a way that makes sense to students opens the door of genuine inquiry.

Once students know what it is they need to know they then become more knowledgeable. This happens in two ways:

  1. They know what it is they are learning about,
  2. They know what knowledge they will need to move deeper and further into their inquiry.

From here, all the other essential elements of the PYP will open up for real inquiry. Before they even get to the knowledge component, they need to know what it all actually means. Let me walk you through step by step something that supported the students in developing their own understanding and meaning.

Students recorded their first thinking about what each of the 4 science strands meant to them. This informed me what they already knew about each one and gave me a very accurate picture as to their knowledge base as scientists.


Next, the students had the opportunity to read a lot of non-fiction text all about science across the four strands. They skimmed and scanned a wide range of books. They had a lot of time to do this on their own.


After reading independently they were able to share and connect the things they had noticed and discuss and explain together.


They then teamed up again and connected the things that they read and saw in the books and transferred to their second thinking. The language and details really lifted to a deeper and wider range from being exposed to scientific books.


As a result of finding out what they first new and then allowing them to research in a very informal setting, their second thinking was now very solid and they had made a huge step forward in knowing much more about each strand.


Our next step is to gather all their curiosities and then sort and categorize them into the correct science strand. By following the above steps the students informed my teaching on what they already know, what they need to know and what knowledge we need to develop as we look closer at each of their questions and thinking.


Students wrote as many questions as they could about the things they were curious about.


They also wrote questions from the things they recorded from the field trip the day before.


Students put their questions to the science strand that it naturally connected to which helped to develop and see how science connects to so many things.




Comments on: "Kids say it best" (24)

  1. Saloni Patel said:

    Science is mostly about biology, physics and chemistry. It contains force, energy, technology, human body, inventions, space and animals.
    The biggest question I have about science is that where will science take us in the future? Will it be a big damage to our environment or will it be beneficial to us?
    Saloni Patel

    • You’re right that is a very BIG question. Science is becoming so advanced as technology evolves. Your question made me think more about if be knowing all this new information can we actually take science too far? For example: Science modified foods? Mr. Chad

      • Saloni Patel said:

        It may be possible with the new technology development. Scientists can come up with food using the new technology, but I still think organic foods will be best for health.
        Saloni Patel

  2. Saloni Patel said:

    Mr Chad will it be possible to live on earth without science or will it have a bad impact on us?
    Saloni Patel

    • Science is already around us and has been since the beginning of time. Science helps us make sense of the world and how it works. Mr. Chad

      • Rahul Doshi said:

        Mr Chad, is it okay if I bring a book from home which is about the world around us? It Is very useful to me and I want to share it with the class.

      • Rahul Doshi said:

        The book includes many answers to the questions that are on the board or large golden circle on the whiteboard.

  3. Sarah Cochu said:

    Science is biology and science helps us see if things are true for example you can do an experiment on gravity and have a ball fan facing the ceiling and you can see the gravitational pull.

  4. Moraa Siika said:

    Science is a very important role in our lives. Science reveals the hidden secrets. To find out about these secrets, they have to take out experiments. Science makes you have a new perspective about life. Science is about living things, how the world works etc.

    • This is a beautifully written comment. You have used capital letters in the correct place and punctuation marks! YES! I really like “Science reveals the hidden secrets.” I can see that you can now leave posts. One tip: etc. is an easy way out. Say everything you want to say and then put a full stop. You know exactly what I mean. Mr. Chad

  5. science is important in our every day life it is your very day life there not one day you have not used science

  6. for example, magnets, cars, mixing chemicals like vinegar. Thank you pleas comment on me.

    • Dear Taia, I am really proud of you that you are coming to the blog and sharing your thinking. You’re on fire at the moment! The question is, can you get even hotter? Mr. Chad

  7. Sarah Rishad said:

    Science is about biology and chemistry and how our body is a living example of science..we are able to survive cost of chemistry in the body of different functions being performed..and how our body stabalizes with gravity..

  8. Rahul Doshi said:

    Science is a flow around us. Science is made up of many different things. Energy, space, living things, and many, many others are part of science. Science is important because we need it to survive. For example, without science there would be no experiments or medicine. Without medicine, we would suffer. That’s why science is really, really important.

  9. science to me is when scientists find out things that other people don’t now. sometimes i think since is all about chemicals.

  10. Tiana Vora said:

    Science is everything that makes our world work. This is biology, for example life cycle of animals, physics, for example how fast can an object move, chemistry, for example what do you get when you mix uranium with oxygen? Scientists do experiments and invent things to find out the answers to many questions. But I am curious about if all the experiments are good of people. I mean, when the bomb was invented, did the inventors know about how many innocent people would die?


  11. khaleelmakari said:

    nice work pranay’s group

  12. jai what is XD

  13. I really enjoyed the researching I got to learn more I want do this often.

  14. Saloni Patel said:

    science is amazing:)

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