i am me because of you

Are you able to work out problems like this in your head?
Give an example of how far you can go up to…. be honest.

Example: I am learning how to calculate 317 + 58 in my head. The answer is……


Comments on: "Mental Computation – Saloni" (62)

  1. moraa Siika said:

    Wow!!! This method really helps me. I totally understand, but i dong get it when you round two numbers. For example 657=58 i don’t round 657, i round 58 to 60. But i understand.

  2. Pranay Hira said:

    Really good answers to the compensation strategy

  3. I am able to work out problems like in my head but I’m not sure of some other ones. I can go up until 805+89! Maybe but I’m not really sure I’ll try work it out here at home!!!!

  4. By the way ruby why were you smiling at the background.

  5. example:714+522=1236

  6. jaimorjaria2099 said:

    Compensation strategy rockz!!!!!!!

  7. compensation strategy makes me feel so confident of myself

  8. Sarah Rishad said:

    I like mental maths I think people wanted to know why I did smile at the camera because I was impressed at saloni when she was talking anyways good job saloni…Mr Chad did u put the video in YouTube

  9. Rahul Doshi said:

    I am really good at compensation strategy and mental thinking. I can go up to 4 by 4 digit, sometimes.

    For example: I can try sums like 2,349+4,276.
    I do it like this:2,349+4,276=2,350(+1)+4,276=6,626(-1)=6,525
    That one was a bit difficult, but I think I’m right.

    • Rahul Doshi said:

      I am now really quick at mental maths, because of me practicing and the compensation strategy that Mr Chad taught us. I really like doing sums in my head instead of always writing it in your book. Thank you, Mr Chad for teaching and extending our learning in mental maths:)!

  10. I think i can do sums like that in my head and the farthest number is 999+100

  11. Saloni Patel said:

    This method has really taught me how to solve problems mentally in maths and I am looking forward to doing sums like 5904-286. Apart from that I really love to see that I am on YOUTUBE!!!!

    • Rahul Doshi said:

      Me, too. I am really burning to start subtraction. It didn’t look so complicated when Mr Chad showed us. I want to learn! Don’t touch me! I’m burning!

  12. good answer compensation strategy rooks!!!!!!!…


  14. ……………………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I MEAN YES

  16. Sarah Cochu said:

    the highest I can go i think is 3 digit by 3 digit for example

  17. I really like this method it changed me on maths i can i’ven solve problems easly on my head this is my moment to learn more sums then anyone .

  18. I enjoyed the video because it shows me many things

    • Mehwish Punjani said:

      compentestion starety is kind of hard but am getting it but the hard part is how to do the mental math in your head

  19. Mehwish Punjani said:

    i ment talal

  20. its kind of a game actually because as i do the maths i also test my timing. i think this method helps one to think critically and more deeply and keenly. for those who hate maths i hope this will be an eye opener for them because maths is also about fun!

  21. Sarah Rishad said:

    No no no I don’t anyone to see me in YouTube I am going to ask sir to take a video of me doing a difficult sum

  22. samia juma said:

    it is not completely easy but I am confident in compensation strategy. I just need to work on doing it in my head

  23. samia juma said:

    I would reaaallllyyyy llloooovvveee to be on youtube

  24. This is a test.

  25. it is great that saloni was able to say explanation in front of all briskly properly.

  26. Tiana Vora said:

    WOW Saloni !!! You are really GR8 in computation strategy. I wish I was like you.

  27. samia juma said:

    sometimes I can do 4 digit by 3 digit for example 1432+346=1778

  28. Hisham Ladha said:

    One of the first questions I gave myself was 999+999=1000(+1)+999=1999(-1)=1998.

  29. I am getting better at it but i can only do 2 digit by 2 digit.like.

  30. Jai Mr chad allowed us

  31. wooooooooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooo

  32. i am liking it.

  33. what are you liking

  34. I mean what are you liking taia

  35. sir I guess the compensation strategy is helping more but in subtraction if its 32 instead of you going to 40 you go to 30 but I don’t under stand how you add

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