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Information Search

Finding information is easy. Finding the right information is difficult. Below are many links about different FORMS of ENERGY. Follow these steps:

1. Click on each link till you find the one that connects to the energy form you are learning about.
2. Read the information carefully, so that you understand it.
3. Paraphrase – write the important or useful information into your bubble catcher or X book. Record it in you own style so it makes sense to you.
4. Repeat steps 1.2.3
5. If you are satisfied with the information you have found and your understanding has deepened make a comment on the blog. Explain how this new information has helped you.

This process is called “finding out.” You are now researchers collecting data.






































Comments on: "Information Search" (38)

  1. moraa Siika said:

    Thank you for these websites, and hank you for the food chain site. I have now learnt a bit more about my energy.

    • Sarah Rishad said:

      Yahoo u are right mora same to me its so fair that sir wasted his time to help us right

      • Dear Sarah, It is never a waste of time if it has helped you to learn and better understand the form of energy you are interested in. This is a great use of time. I’m glad it moved your understanding further! Mr. Chad

  2. jaimorjaria2099 said:

    thanks a lot i’ve leant a little bit about my energy

    • Jai, can you tell us what you have learnt? Mr. Chad
      Give an example, help us see what you mean. Make the connection.

      • jaimorjaria2099 said:

        I learnt that although it’s a clean source of energy, solar power plants are REALLY big, thus greatly disturbing nature. :(:(:(:(

  3. i am able to do my work me to

    • Taia, please read what you write and ask yourself, “Does this make sense?”
      Are you trying to say something like this?

      “I am able to learn more about electricity and lightening because this information has been useful. Mr. Chad

    • Rahul Doshi said:

      Taia, “what” work are you able to do? “Why” are you able to do it? Did the sites help you? Ask this to yourself next time.

  4. Thank you for the gravitational energy site, I really learnt a little bit more.

    • What new information have you learnt? Explain… Let us connect to your comment by showing and telling. Mr. Chad

  5. This new information has really deepened my thoughts and helped me understand more about gravitational energy. Thank you Mr. Chad for the websites.

  6. Saloni Patel said:

    i was reading on gravitational energy. The video on gravity taught me that the moon is lighter in mass than the earth, so that is why we fall on the earth faster and not on the moon.

    • Sarah Rishad said:

      Okay good saloni did u get enough information

    • Great Sarah! I like that you asked Saloni about her learning. It shows an interest in what she is learning and pushing her to think more deeply about it. Make sure you use a ? at the end of a question. Also, type ‘you’ not ‘u.’ Let’s not be lazy…. Mr. Chad

  7. Sarah Rishad said:

    Thank sir now I got information of heat energy now I will start searching a little bit more about heat energy thanks slots sir

  8. Rahul Doshi said:

    Thank you, sir. The passage on gravitational energy is really helping me in my research. I didn’t know how gravitational, potential and kinetic energy are related. Now I do. I also learnt that the more the gravity, the less the kinetic energy. The same thing is when it is the other way around. It is a process. First, it is potential energy. Then, when the object is thrown or falls it becomes kinetic. When the kinetic energy starts decreasing, the gravitational energy substitutes its place. As you see Mr Chad, the website was really, really helpful.

    • Congratulations Rahul! Reading your comment made me smile because this is what good looks like. Your comment is thoughtful and gives specific details. It is interesting. Mr. Chad

  9. samia juma said:

    I have learnt that the chemicals in our food is very injurious to our health

  10. samia juma said:

    thanks for the info sir

  11. Rahul Doshi said:

    Thanks again, sir. My X book is piling with information about gravitational energy.

    • jaimorjaria2099 said:

      well, I’m sure your X book won’t float away because all that info should have some gravitational energy

  12. Tiana Vora said:

    Thank you Mr. Chad for all this information I really learnt more on Hydro energy.

  13. thank you mr.chad!!

  14. This is very use full!

  15. I learnt more about gravitational energy and compensation strategy. This has helped me further in my addition and subtraction. The Lego story was amazing it was all about never giving up on your self even if you loose once it doesn’t mean give up, KEEP TRYING!!!!


  16. Mr Chad the compensation strategy has helped me a lot

  17. ohhhh the gravitation sight helped me a lot I found another sight that is for teachers even.

  18. THANKS MR CHAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR THE INFORMATION.

  19. Some of this websites helped me alot

  20. Thank you mr chad

  21. thanks for the informition mr chad

  22. Thank you for the websites

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