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Science Experiment


Taia found this experiment on how to make lightening. Can you find an experiment about the energy you are interested in?

Can you go one step further and bring in the materials you need to do it and show the rest of the class?

The true independent leaners who take their learning further will make this happen. Make a comment and share what the science experiment is about.


Comments on: "Science Experiment" (35)

  1. i have also found out that when i rub a bic pen in my hair then put it near small pieces of paper, it acts like a magnet and attract the papers

  2. that is really interesting but I am wondering can you do it when there is no power in your house

    • Pranay Hira said:

      Even I wonder if Taia can do it without power, but the other experiment with the bic pen can be done without power

  3. That’s a good experiment for taia.

  4. it is interesting can it work when there are no lights in your house.

  5. by mistake I wrote my sentence2 times

    • Pranay Hira said:

      I know why you are doing that. Because you want to be in all the recent commenter. Not a chance when there are people like Saloni, Tiana, Moraa, Ayaan and many others are there.

  6. prany I meant if we can do it with out power

  7. when I am writing my comment I cant see it

  8. samia juma said:

    I read on the energy post that Sir put up that when you shuffle along the carpet for a while and then go touch a door knob, you get a slight shock!

  9. samia juma said:

    I’m going to do something with vinegar, baking soda and a balloon.it most probably will blow up or bust

  10. i have not been able to yet find an experiment about the energy with the interest.

  11. moraa Siika said:

    I am doing a colored celery experiment. I will need:
    * Celery
    * 2 jugs
    * Food coloring
    * Water
    * 24 hours
    The rest will be done in class.

  12. Pranay! I went for tennis. I always blog at night!:()

  13. And this is a blog, not a place to argue. Stop it Pranay and Dish!

  14. Saloni Patel said:

    For an experiment on gravitational energy I will bring in a:
    1) Apple
    2) String

    For another idea I will bring in two different size balls.

  15. In our experiment Dhrishti and I will need:
    -Two (or more) objects to drop- shuttlecock, paper, pen.
    Our experiment/demonstration is very simple. You will see it tomorrow.

  16. Sarah Rishad said:

    Mr Chad I have one experiment I will show it in the class nice idea

  17. 29 comments in total. Yes! Yes! Yes! Now, we have movement and energy flowing. I actually enjoyed reading your posts. People were supporting each other and even challenging each other. Let’s keep this up guys! Mr. Chad

  18. me and khaleel are making a big experiment i am shour you will like eat after a few weeka time

  19. Pranay, don’t say that rudely. If you do want to tell him, say it kindly like-Talal please check your spelling before you post it. Everyone make mistakes or needs practice. Including you and me.

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