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time to experiment


Experimenting is so much fun. It helps us test what we think we know and either prove it or teach us something different that we did not know before.


Experimenting is a great way to find out how things works so we can explain it in our own way. This week is all about conducting your own experiments. Hopefully, we will have the things (materials) you need to start your experiments. Tonight, research different experiments that connect to your inquiry about energy. How can you take your leaning further. Write a comment about and share what you think you know (theory) and how you are going to test it out.

Can you explain how it works and why? What is the work that your energy can do?



Comments on: "time to experiment" (34)

  1. At first, my only idea to experiment was dropping objects. Now I am finding many more fascinating ways to experiment on gravitational energy.

  2. Yay, first comment!

  3. Pranay Hira said:

    Come on Rahul You want to be first to have a comment

  4. Pranay Hira said:

    It is true. Experimenting is a great way to find out how things works so we can explain it in our own way.

  5. i love experimenting and mr chad why did you not teak a picture of me and my experiment

  6. wow this shows who are the risers and flyers well done

  7. hey my eyes were closed I look funny

  8. I thought i can do a experiment i am doing one but i could do a poster to because instead of dropping thing s it will be boring so I said to my self why don’t I do a poster so I can explain.

  9. tiana since your doing hydro power I have always wanted to no the answer to this question ? .

    where did water come from?


    • The blog is not to greet people Dish. Your above post should be written like this:

      Tiana, since your learning about hydropower I have always been interested to know the following question: Where did water come from?

      You know that water comes from the clouds above us. This process is called the water cycle. The process is evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection. Research this. Mr. Chad


  12. i want to experiment whether i can set fire to paper with solar power(energy)!

  13. Moraa Siika said:

    I am doing a colored celery experiment, and i wonder how the food coloring travels all the way to the leaves. I wonder how the stem won’t be colored.

  14. Sarah Rishad said:

    I boiled water and put in a plastic.then I took normal water and ice cubes in the other plastic bag.what I found out that both bags were realizing vapour.the hot water was realizing hot vapours and the cold one cold vapours. The cold waterbag had water on-the-job outside but thehot water one just felt hot.

  15. I used baking soda, vinegar and a balloon

  16. This really helped me but I still haven’t found a good experiment.

  17. i’d love to fined out about if magnetism fours is stronger than gravity fours mr chad could we research on it could you let the whole class re search about it and one fact about lighting is that the speed of light is a mili seconds and a lighting bolt can charge the whole earth for ten seconds it is amazing
    mr chad thank you for giving us this blog mr chad.

  18. I found a good experiment for gravitational energy which is similar to Sarah’s. It works like this:
    You will need: A glass filled to the top with water, and a piece of cardboard.
    1. Hold the cardboard on top of the glass, leaving no space for bubbles to enter.
    2. Turn the glass upside down, still with the cardboard piece.
    3. Let go of the cardboard.
    The cardboard will stay stuck on the glass, resisting gravity. Because there are no bubbles or air in the glass, the water stays in the glass and the cardboard sticks. The extra air pressure will hold the cardboard and keep the water in the glass.
    This shows that without any air, gravity doesn’t work. It also shows that magnetic energy is stronger than gravitational energy.

  19. And Taia, you are burning with curiosities! Also, check your spelling and grammar before you post your comment.

  20. I found this experiment in the website:
    …..and then I clicked on ‘Experiments’. There are many experiments for different forms of energy, including the Diet Coke and Mentos one. There are many experiments for chemical energy. The experiments are vinegar volcano (chemical), bouncing balls (transforming energy-Saloni), heating up air (heat), and about 20 more. It is a good site for experimenting.

  21. Saloni Patel said:

    I’m trying an experiment with a candle moving up and down because of gravitational force. Hope it works, so that I can share with you all tomorrow.

  22. We have good energy on the blog now! YIIPPEEEE! Mr. Chad

  23. I have found another experiment for gravitational energy! There are so many for gravity. My dad showed me how to do it (category-ask people). It is simple.
    You will need: Straw, drink with colour- e.g. Coke, Lucozade.
    1. Drink the drink you have from a straw.
    2. Quickly put your finger on the side of the straw you drank from (top of the straw) after you took a sip.
    3. Observe the straw. Is the liquid still in the straw? Do you know why?
    This is because gravity and air pressure comes from the top of the object (straw), Not the bottom. The top of the straw is covered by your finger, so no gravity can enter.
    4. Remove your finger from the straw. The liquid will fall as gravitational energy could enter.

  24. Sarah Cochu said:

    The work of my energy is that it makes things fall to the ground

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