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Ways of Showing and Knowing





How are you going to ATTRACT and HOOK people to learn more about your inquiry?

What ideas do you have to put bullets in your gun?


Comments on: "Ways of Showing and Knowing" (49)

  1. wow that’s amazing!!!!!!! Who did that?

    • Please only use ONE exclamation mark! Using one or a thousand of them communicates the same amount of expression or urgency. Which one looks better? Also, use a capital letter at the start of a sentence.

      1) Wow, that’s amazing work!

      2) wow that’s amazing work!!!!!!!!!!

      Mr. Chad

  2. Samia, the pictures are amazing, but you haven’t written what you are supposed to. Answer the question

  3. Dhrishti and I thought that experimenting only would not really hook many people, so we are making a colorful and educational poster to attract more people. I hope we can all go fishing next Friday!

  4. samia juma said:

    I’m going to have a plate of organic food and a plate of food containing Msg. Then i’m going to have people taste both the foods and finally i’ll tell them about the food containing msg and how it changes our food.

  5. Pranay Hira said:

    Wow, those questions are really hard to answer. They could be great questions

  6. Pranay Hira said:

    I am going to try and hook parents by making a model that shows how to make an acid bomb. To really hook the parents to me is to show how to do it live, but it would be too dangerous because the acids used could behave like a microwave does to cold cheese. The acid will be the a microwave and I will be the cheese being melted to hot liquid

  7. Pranay Hira said:

    It is a really good idea to stick live stuff to the poster

  8. jaimorjaria2099 said:

    I’m going to show my other solar lamps (Sun & Moon)

  9. moraa Siika said:

    I am making a model and poster with Zaena. For the model, we will use:
    * Tape
    * Cotton buds
    * Paper mache
    * D.I.Y glue
    * Toothpicks
    * Pictures
    I hope to hook parents with a bright poster with lots of helpful information.

    • Pranay Hira said:

      Moraa, I do wish to see your poster

    • Pranay Hira said:

      Also a freakingly fabulous idea to do two experiments. I have heard somewhere that you should never underestimate the power of a woman(or girl). Now I have seen proof of it. I would be overwhelmed with I big model, but you are doing to things, If I was in your place, I would have given up or I would have done 1. But you are doing 2 !! No wonder you are a flyer.

    • I really like the idea that Z did with us yesterday. You could actually get parents to “act it out” too. Mr. Chad

      • samia juma said:

        Mr.Chad what did you do the day I was unwell?Did you get my information report and my task b?

  10. Saloni Patel said:

    I was going to do an experiment only, but suddenly in my mind I had an amazing idea on a simulation. Basically I am going to do an experiment and simulation. I am sure that I am going to shoot back bullets at the parents.

  11. i want to make a model with miniature bulbs!

  12. Pranay, you are doing very well in writing comments. You are answering everyone and telling them what you think. That is a true flyer.

  13. And Riko! You are using advanced grammar and words like ‘miniature’! You are developing your English rapidly. In a simpler form of saying it, you are doing very well in your English. Congratulations, Riko! Keep it up!

  14. Moraa and i are going to hook and attract people by creating a poster and model to show/present our inquiry and instead of reading off the poster we will explain everything by speaking out all our knowledge.We have many ideas of putting bullets inside our guns. For example our model and poster, this information/data will tell many people how much we have learnt in class/school.

  15. Sarah Cochu said:

    Nicole and I are going to hook people with a poster and a demonstration

  16. wow that’s so cool

  17. Mehwish Punjani said:

    anyone there

  18. Mehwish Punjani said:

    hey mr chad did you work on my information report while i wasn’t there

  19. Mehwish Punjani said:

    i you leaving our class mr chad? please dont leave us because your the best teacher we have ever had WE LOVE YOU

  20. Mehwish Punjani said:

    hey mr chad can you please send me your email to my email which is princessmehwishpunjani@gmail.com

  21. Mehwish, please use proper spelling and punctuation. Mr Chad explained this to us in class.
    You could have written:
    Hey, Mr Chad. Can you please send me your email to me, which is _________________. Check your grammar.

  22. I am going to hook the parents by making a simulation of a mini volcano so that I can get the answer to what I am curious about .

  23. Everyone i am so sorry about the stinky and discusting smell fem the volcano i wish you people forgive me

  24. i am doing a poster about electricity like lightening 🙂

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