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Thinking Scientifically

As scientists who think scientifically about how things work and why, what discoveries did you make?

How does knowing what you now know connect to your understanding about energy?


Comments on: "Thinking Scientifically" (37)

  1. I now know that all forms of energy are very important and all have a part to play in our environment. Different forms of energy work together and mix to create a massive impact in our society. Hey, that’s like chemical energy! Different chemicals mix together to create something.

  2. samia juma said:

    ah man I wish I was in school today but was unwell

  3. i know that gravity is stronger than magnetism

  4. i am that it warms the hand i experiment on a windmill turning around by heat, and to have known, and the windmill does not turn around when not after.

  5. jaimorjaria2099 said:

    I now know that solar energy very important in life

    • moraa Siika said:

      How is it important? You need to add details

    • jai i am able to do the frown and smile like this smile 🙂 and this 😦

      • Pranay Hira said:

        Taia you are spoiling our blog by putting these smiley faces and frowny faces because then other people will start doing it and the blog will end up as a bunch of smiley faces and angry faces and whatever. Forget what I wrote just before I wrote this comment because it is not that good to do it. You can only do at least one a day.

  6. moraa Siika said:

    I discovered that plants and animals have different strategies to survive. I cut off the stem, to see what will happen. The plant is still absorbing the food coloring. I wondered how the stem absorbed the food coloring. Now i know, that the stem had to do something to get the food coloring in. So, that’s how the celery leaves turned blue. It’s related to food chain because the sun gives energy to bacteria which breaks into food for the grass or celery. Which is eaten by a herbivore. Next the carnivore eats the herbivore. Finally, when the animals die, the bacteria takes in the energy and nutrients.

  7. The pictures really show that we are mini-scientists. We all put effort in our forms of energy. We researched, experimented and investigated like scientists. We also discovered and kept on making more and more inquiries. Well done , everyone!!!!

  8. We are really good mini scientists sarah cochu and i did 6 experiments. some of them didnt work

  9. Mr Chad, can you then please move me back to flyer. PLEASE!And today Dhrishti and I are meeting to finalize and work on our presentation to hook parents. We are making that poster on gravitational energy.

  10. Saloni Patel said:

    By doing my experiment I now know that kinetic energy can be converted immediately to potential energy due to gravity.

  11. Hello kids! Nice to read all your enthusiastic and energetic comments! Keep it up! Well done Mr Chad! Thanks for making them into young Newtons!

  12. Hi dad. We are learning a lot because of this blog, including praising people, writing thoughtful comments, and typing!

  13. Sarah Cochu said:

    I now know that gravity is very important because it keeps the earth in the orbit around the sun

  14. and i know if one animal goes to extinction the whole food chain will be affected

  15. Me and Rahul were doing the experiment of the cardboard on the glass we thought that it is not gravity so we thought the sand hour.

  16. I meant to say that Rahul and I thought we can show the use of gravity by explaining how a sand hour glass works.

  17. i have shown my parents 🙂

  18. that was a good and exellent comment we dont just have more moraas we need more more more more moraas

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