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We all know superman or super woman. They have special powers that make them super strong. These are known as strengths. You need to know that superman or superwoman also have weaknesses too. They are just like you. We all have different strengths and weaknesses. We need to be honest about what our weaknesses are so we can do something about them.

Watch this video closely.

Time for you to be honest! What is your biggest Kryptonite? How do you know?

example 1: Reading is my biggest Kryptonite because I can read well, but I find it difficult to re-tell the things that happened in the story.

example 2:Maths is my biggest Kryptonite because I cannot calculate (subtract) 3 digit by 2 digit sums in my head without a pencil and paper.


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  1. Moraa Siika said:

    My biggest kryptonite is jump strategy in my head.I am confident with it, but I have so many thoughts, and I just forget the sum and what i’m doing. My other kryptonite is measurement because i struggle to say how many containers make a 1l milk carton.

  2. Saloni Patel said:

    My biggest kryptonite is managing my time, I sometimes manage my time well , but sometimes I abuse my time. Another kryptonite is comprehension. In comprehension I sometimes don’t understand the passage and end up writing wrong answers.

    At the same time I have a strength like algebratic equations e.g.
    { x – 2y = -4
    -3x + 2y = 8


    -2x = 4
    x = -2

    Substitute into 1,

    -2 – 2y = -4
    2y = -2 + 4
    y = 1

    Ans. (x,y) = (-2,1)

  3. My biggest kryptonite is dyslexia because i find it hard to develop a developmental reading disorder is a reading disability that occurs when my brain does not properly recognize and process certain symbols.My other kryptonite is the fear of dead things, big cats, the big 5,creepy creature of the dark and GOD 😦 (cry)

    • Pranay Hira said:

      Taia, that last part of the comment makes no sense.

    • Taia, you are now improving and becoming better in spelling and grammar. This is a very thoughtful comment. Don’t worry. We will all help you to work and avoid dyslexia. We will also help you overcome your fear of dead things, big cats, the big 5, the creepy creature of the dark, and god :-).

    • mehwish punjani said:

      Taia donot worry your deslexia will become better when you become bigger any becuse you are used to it and also tai even though you have dexlesia your getting more better i and improving and your much better than me in spellings now.:-)

      • mehwish punjani said:

        my weakness kriptoine is ignorance because I do notlisten to instructions and and i get distracted for example someone new comes in school i want to know how they look or and i wonder how they look like

      • jaimorjaria2099 said:

        Don’t worry little grasshopper!

    • jaimorjaria2099 said:

      (that reply to Mehwish was meant for Taia?

  4. Pranay Hira said:

    My biggest kryptonite is French. What ever people say in French sounds like a mysterious alien language. My other weakness is keeping quiet when I am debated vs kids. I have a hobby of fighting back. My other weakness is being kind when people gossip about me. I just hate it. Like when Mr. Chad said that I would go to the other class. I was the main person to gossip about on that day. As you know, people in the school are masters of gossiping. So the event I was involved in would have lasted for a week if those majesties of gossiping were not there. My strength is cricket. It is my favorite sport and I play well when batting

  5. My biggest kryptonite is speaking to a large audience. Even if I have practiced, prepared and organized everything, I almost always speak in a low, nervous way and sometimes I stutter. I am very good in presenting, but when I look at all the eyes staring at me, I get shy. Now I have improved and overcome my shyness. I am practicing what I wrote in the flap of paper on what a good speaker should have. Maths for me, is as simple as breathing! It is my favourite class subject and my biggest strength. I am a natural mental counter.

    • Pranay Hira said:

      Rahul you are the same as me when it comes to speaking in a large audience. Like when I had to rap in front of the whole school in a mysterious song that I had never learned.

      • Saloni Patel said:

        When it was my first time on stage I really was nervous but I got used to it and I don’t get nervous any more.

  6. jaimorjaria2099 said:

    My biggest Kryptonite is division because I have never really gotten the hang of it.

  7. sarah rishad said:

    Wow he is a superman and how did he lose power?Did he die or he did not he was saved by the lady in white

  8. My biggest kryptonite is reading because i get easily distrated.mimi

  9. moraa siika said:

    My biggest kryptonite is speaking to a big audience. I feel nervous and scared. Even if I practice for weeks, I still have butterflies in my stomach.

  10. My biggest kryptonite is standing in front of a crowd of people.It makes me feel not confident and nervous. I just feel uncomfortable.

  11. sarah rishad said:

    my weakness is talking to the audience when they are many example in the assembly on Friday i feel something in my tame

  12. My biggest Kryptonite is presenting because I get nervous 😦

  13. sarah rishad said:

    Mr Chad what is your weakness? I guess its us that’s making you weak.

  14. My biggest kryptonite is mental math. When I’m doing mental math I feel confused and I guess it’s because I was never really taught properly.

  15. Sarah Cochu said:

    My biggest kryptonite is presenting because I get nervous and I freeze.

  16. My biggest kryptonite is presenting because i get nervous and anxious.

  17. My kryptonite is that i lose my temper when i am corrected.

  18. My biggest kryptonite is algebra because I get confused and I don’t like it

  19. Now i understand why superman did that

  20. nice video mr chad

  21. jaimorjaria2099 said:

    Mehwish, what’s your problem?

  22. My weakness is comprehension because i do many mistakes..(

  23. my kryptonite is division i find it conusing

  24. mehwish punjani said:


  25. mehwish punjani said:


  26. Pranay Hira said:

    Wait and watch.

  27. khaleelmakari said:

    Mr. Chad, I am impressed by the comments and expressions that our children are making on the blog. The question that Sarah Rishad posed to you was the climax! More so the suggestive answer….Quite interesting!


  29. I knew that everybody will step up

  30. My weakness is algebra because i get confused a lot.

  31. How come the video is gone.

  32. khaleelmakari said:

    my biggest kryptonite is speaking in a big or enormous crowd

  33. Rahul Doshi said:

    Well done, everyone! You have written good comments about your biggest kryptonite. I have a good news and bad news. The good news is that we have written 100 comments:-)! The bad news is, well, half of the comments are irrelevant and don’t have anything to do with the blog post. We ALL need to write good comments, not just some flyers(of course, take a guess on who writes good ones. It starts with an M, Moraa!). This is an educational blog that Mr Chad has put up, not a blog for social media. Remember the other post, we need to step up.

    • Saloni Patel said:

      I totally agree with you Rahul. It is a very thoughtful comment. Let us all use the blog wisely.

  34. I spend long time in meditation and then I lose time for homework.

  35. my biggest kryptonite is making a presentation, i stammer a lot thinking that people are just waiting to laugh at my mistakes and shout 😦 .

  36. My biggest kriptonite is mathematics mostly fractions, algebra, long division and mental maths.

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