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Time to step up!

We have had a bumpy week together. These things happen in life. I am hoping we can turn things around and that you realize it is time to step up and make some positive changes. The small things really add up. If we all start to accept more responsibility and commit to taking action together then we can focus on what is important – learning. There are some small things that are holding us back and I want to address these with you:

* Putting your shoes just like the below picture;
* Putting your bags to the right of the wall;
* Cleaning up after yourself;
* Getting yourself organized between lessons;
* Being problem solvers and working out things on your own;
* Putting your things away;
* Signing in;
* Not having things in your hands;
* Putting furniture and stationery back after you have used it;
* Being a person A – you know what that means.

I know that if we make some small changes we can get back to focusing on what is important – LEARNING and WORKING together! You are not babies. You are able to make choices for yourself and think for yourself. I hope that we have a better week this week. We do “to do” lists for a reason. So you do the things that will help you learn and be organized for learning. These are not called “To don’t” lists.

How are you going to turn this around? What action are you going to take that will help us all be the best we can be?



Comments on: "Time to step up!" (38)

  1. wow sir i never realized we were that messy you must have had a horrible day today i’m so sorry.

    • Fatma next time put a capital letter when you start a comment and if you are doing a single
      I make sure it is capital.

      • Tiana, my very thoughts. Capital letter at the beginning and capital I for I. Let’s step up in what we learn in class and what we do when connecting to our learning out of class. Mr. Chad

  2. Moraa Siika said:

    Our class haven’t progressed in tidying up. I will clean after myself. If I still see the room is messy, then i will help other people tidy up. I hope this can start on Monday. We need to stop being person C and D (ignorant) and start being person A (wise)

  3. Today i am sorry that we messed your day i will do every thing as i can to put people on the right track ..(

  4. Maybe next time mr chad.

  5. Sarah Cochu said:

    I think I could organize myself and people clean up

    • Pranay Hira said:

      I hope you could. I wish you could.

      • Pranay Hira said:

        t that some people do not want to cooperate. I would not listen to god if he/she was telling me to do something that was wrong. But I would listen to a baby if he/she was saying the right thing ( but I would want to order it.

  6. My other weakness is comprehenshion because i make a lot of mistakes.

  7. khaleelmakari said:

    Pranay that was not a good comment for Talal that is rude.

  8. khaleelmakari said:

    We should always remember that our shoes are arranged properly, people always forget, they arrange their shoes in the morning nicely after that they thing it is okay to live their shoes messy.

  9. khaleel that’s a nice idea

  10. We should always put our shoes in a straight line and put our bags properly.

  11. me,jai,zaena,moraa and est cleaned the class on friday after school. πŸ™‚

  12. i keep on forgetting why do you think i remarked etc it mins ecsetra but i should have rememberd . πŸ™‚

  13. Rahul Doshi said:

    Mr Chad, some people followed instructions and did everything they were supposed to, but the rest were unwise. Even though the people who were wise did everything, they should have helped others, not only themselves. If you do something right, but your team does not, you all fail together. Next time will all put effort not only in our to-do’s/things to do, but in others too. We are all a team and family!:-)

  14. Rahul Doshi said:

    Now, realizing how poorly we behaved, my to-do list will be full with things I really, honestly need to work on. I will also write to-dos for the whole class-e.g. Neat shoe train, clean up after you are finished,etc. so that I will remember to explain to people what to do when they are being ignorant(not knowing what to do). I hope that our bad actions and attitudes change. We need to step up. Come on! We should all be person A.

  15. Saloni Patel said:

    Sometimes I leave my things where they are not supposed to be. I will work on this by checking if all my things are in the basket before returning the basket back into the cupboard. Most of us are in such a hurry when coming back to class after break or lunch because they want to get a pillow to lay on for meditation that they scatter their shoes everywhere and the shoe train becomes messy. We will work on this by letting other people having a chance to use the pillow if you already used one the day before.
    Just remember, if we don’t step up we are not only hurting Mr Chad, but ourselves.
    We need to step up TOGETHER!

  16. I put this blog post up on Friday expecting ZERO comments. I check it on Sunday and there are 27 comment. Thank you to those who have read this and replied. It means a lot. Remember “Talk is cheap.” It is now what you do with those words that make the difference. I am looking forward to things improving around here – it just has to. I also need to enjoy what I do and do what I enjoy, just like you. Mr. Chad

  17. Sir we are good in messing up the class room but bad in cleaning I think we should get more organized.

  18. jaimorjaria2099 said:

    Sir, I need to work on working the talk and organization. We need to work on organization. When one of us goes down, we all go down
    We’re all in this TOGETHER!

  19. Surely it is useful.

  20. I think that it was useful.

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