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Presenting Skills

Give feedback about the way this girl presents to the audience.

What do you notice about they way she speaks and connects with the audience?

What did you notice about the way the audience listens and views (watches) her presentation?

What makes her so knowledgeable?

Why is she so confident?

How does she not lose control?


Comments on: "Presenting Skills" (47)

  1. she is so confident i am imprest 🙂 .

  2. she is so confident because she knows well what she is talking about 🙂 .

  3. Moraa Siika said:

    She had eye contact and expression.The audience listened, because they were engaged. She was confident because she knew what she was talking about. She had had points to back her up. She gathered all her points and said them without reading off a paper. She was so knowledgeable because she stayed focused, and didn’t give up( Resilience!!)

  4. she does not refer to her notes all through but instead she talks while looking at the audience. The audience pays attention, claps and even laughs as she presents 🙂 .

    • Moraa Siika said:

      Taia, you are on fire. Your first comment wasn’t that thoughtful, but this is amazing.You have really beat your kryptonite. I think this is the best comment you have ever written on the blog. Good for you Taia.

  5. thank you 🙂 .

  6. Sarah Cochu said:

    She makes eye contact she has gestures it is creative and is clear ,she knows what she is talking about, she has expression and she is confident because she knows what she is talking about and it is linked to what she is talking about.

  7. Rahul Doshi said:

    Whoever you are, chizybanana, this blog is for education and learning. This blog, which you must have heard from our school (I know you’re a 5A!), is not for guessing people’s identity.

  8. She is a really confident girl and to me she kind of spoke fast, although the thing that bothers me is she was sometimes reading of the paper.

  9. Rahul Doshi said:

    The girl is knowledgeable because she easily speaks, presents, and connects with the audience. She has all the knowledge in her head. She has a presentation using a computer, but she paraphrases from her head. She is confident because she has practiced and rehearsed a lot. She frees her mind and focuses on her speech.

  10. She also had facial expression she was blinking she had eye contact she was speaking confidently and she was also speaking pure English.

  11. Saloni Patel said:

    I noticed she as a ten year old girl had the guts to talk to a large audience. She didn’t have to worry about that because she knew what she was saying with understanding. Also she didn’t memorize a speech but just read a few points from a paper and continued talking. She had incredible eye contact. Last but not least she engaged the audience more because after talking about a certain thing she din’t move on but showed a few clips on what she meant. Also she engaged the large audience because her moods were different as at times she made people laugh and sometimes not.

    This little girl has taught me what good really looks like. She has put in time and effort in her work.

  12. The girl doesn’t lose control because she knows what she’s talking about.When you know whan t your talking about ,you become confident.If she was in our class she will be beyond flyer (:

  13. We all know that your in 5k.

  14. Pranay Hira said:

    I know who you are. You are Ahmed.

  15. Pranay Hira said:

    She is really on the point and she is very confident and not shy. Sir, I did not watch it on concentricthinking because it was too slow so I watched it on youtube. She is a non stop radio speaking sensible things. By the way, I think she wrote more books than Roald Dahl! Gosh! 300 books! I felt like I was struck on my face.

  16. lutfiwelton said:

    She is confident because she knows what she is speaking about and on point.:)

  17. Saloni Patel said:

    Whoever you are you are not writing comments connected to the blog

  18. jaimorjaria2099 said:

    She presents amazingly. I say this for the following reasons
    -She makes eye contact
    -She connects with the audience
    -She sticks to the point

  19. Pranay Hira said:

    To Mr. Chad:
    Adora Svitak looks like she is clicking her fingers.

  20. chizybanana said:


  21. She was very confidant in speaking .

  22. Haitum I did not like the way you spoke to or teacher please do not do that again he is elder than you. You have to respect your elders.

  23. At presenting skills i am so shy to present to the audience i can’t wait on friday.

  24. I notice that she is very confident and knows her topic really well. She has a very nice voice and she can use it to attract the audience. They are all listening to her every word. Even though she has her notes in her hand she is not reading word for word. She is looking at the audience and talking to them. If I want to speak like her I should know my topic very well and practice my speech over and over again.

  25. this girl does her best and practiced, I think that explanation is so good.

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