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Starting a movement


Think about the things that you have been consistent with over the past 6 weeks. What have you been able to do without adults telling you to do it?

The above photo is something we have not been able to be consistent with. Starting a movement is a powerful way to make the most simplest things consistent. It’s the thing we just do because we know it helps make things run smoothly and work.

Watch this video on starting a movement. It takes one person to start a movement. Leaders are important. We all need to leaders. But, we also need followers too. If there is no one following, then would we have any leaders? No! And if we had no leaders would we have any one following? No! Leaders and followers need each other to make a team work!

Make a comment about the video. What movement would you like to start to make your life and the people around you easier to learn. What can you do so that others will see what you are doing and follow you?

Example: I want to start a movement by always having my bubble catcher with me and have people notice that I am always using it to record my thinking and organize my “to do” list. I mostly like to be a leader because I know what needs to be done and I just get on with it. I consider myself to be a wise person and people look up to me. I do sometimes lead when I am unsure about something. I then watch and listen to others and learn from them that way.

Do you like to lead or follow or both? Why?


Comments on: "Starting a movement" (30)

  1. Pranay Hira said:

    I would like to be a leader and a follower. I am a leader because when people want school property that they can use they argue over it, so I give it to them, use my common sense, and get another one of it. I also want to be a follower because some people sometimes lead better than me and I follow them to learn more. I have not watched the video but in italics it said that are you a follower or a leader.

  2. Moraa Siika said:

    Today, I saw the shoes were messy. I didn’t just walk passed them, I arranged them. I like being both a leader and a follower. When I am really focused. I just get on with it. People see it and do the same thing. For example: More Moraa’s, Talal heard that, and wanted to be like me. I also like being a follower because sometimes I don’t understand, So I want to learn from other people

  3. Rahul Doshi said:

    I would like to lead and follow, both. I like lead, not to be acknowledged, but to do the right thing and be the right person (A). I also, like to follow the right people (Peson A, flyers). I would like to arrange my basket, always keep my bubble-catcher with me, and also explain to people what to do when they are being unwise or ignorant. I want to make a movement not only for myself, but for all of us. Let’s make a movement, 5K!

  4. I think 「look happy」.

  5. Saloni Patel said:

    I wan’t to be a leader, but at the same time a follower. I don’t want to be these only at school but also at home.

    Today in school I was a leader because, in the store there were sheets of manila scattered everywhere and students were stepping on them. I decided to move all the manila’s in the corner. When I shifted one a few students came to help me.

    At the same time I wan’t to be a follower because as this video on the blog has said sometimes if you don’t follow you will regret it e.g. everyone cleans up the class, I don’t. Everyone gets a reward for cleaning the class room and I don’t. This means I will regret that I didn’t clean the class.

    • Pranay Hira said:

      Really funny. Meaning no sarcasm. By the way, just to correct you, want is not spelt like wan’t. If you saw before you posted the comment, you would have noticed the red zigzag line. But when you post the comment, it does not show. Good to see that you are using punctuation whenever you get the opportunity.

  6. Sarah Rishad said:

    I would like to be a leader especially when I am doing community service and I practise that when I go out with mum to yatch club where all the people want to hear all about what we do in school.A follower yes where I can learn from others about my projects and getting ideas too.

  7. I am so happy at least today we made an effort.

  8. Sarah Rishad said:

    By the way we should start a 5k movement just like Rahul said .Taia thanks for the batteries you are a going to be an A person.

  9. Today we were really messy but then in the morning i helped arrange the shoes and the bags. we should start a movement.

  10. Pranay Hira said:

    Should I go and make 50 comments on punctuation. I do not mean it in a bad way. I mean to encourage people to read books and understand punctuation. Please don’t go to search in books on punctuation because I did not mean it that way. Look at how authors use punctuation and learn. Do not make it go through one eye, go in your head, and come out of the other eye. Please. Make this blog a place with mini authors. Try your best even if you are not like mini authors. Did you know what makes a book interesting. Punctuation. You feel no interest in reading when you don’t know when people are speaking in the book. It is like a never ending sentence. You would find that more boring than sitting down and watching a splash of color non stop for 48 hours. Please make this blog a better place by using punctuation so we could publish it(well, not exactly). You would all be person A with that effort you will have put in punctuation being put into your learning. Your name will be called everyday. You will all be flyers. You will all be treated fairly. But only if you put enough effort to it. Then Mr. Chad will sit back on his chair and look at the work he has done. He would say, “How wonderful can children be,” or, ” I wish I could have this class for another year.” Well, you would all like to be with Mr. Chad for another year. But you just have to get on with it. Mr. Chad would come to year 6 if you put enough effort to impress him.

    • I hear you Pranay – yes, people need to revise and edit their work. When you press the post comment button and simple things like punctuation and capital letters are missing, it says a lot of who those people are as writers.

  11. jaimorjaria2099 said:

    I am seriously considering writing a petition on tidying up the class and being tidy at school. That way, we can see who the lazy ones are when they sign it but don’t do it! What do you think of that?Please give feedback 🙂

  12. jaimorjaria2099 said:

    I want to be both but tilting towards leader…
    At school today I was a follower because I was copying notes from my Home Learning book into my X book.

  13. I want to be a true leader that can lead us to fly i can show myself that i can prove.

  14. I can really show that everyone.

  15. i want to be a leader by standing up and doing my work properly

  16. I saw the video and first of all it reminded me of the time at my Aunt’s wedding when everyone was too shy to start dancing. My cousin got up and danced alone and after a minute or so, everyone was up dancing. So Ted was right in the video, it only takes one “NUT” to start a movement.
    I would like to be a leader sometimes. It would feel great if my friends would think what I was doing was right and follow me. I would like to show everyone that I know how to balance my work and play. I will make sure that my homework is done on time and correctly, I will also give my swimming training sessions 100% and I will still find time to read and watch T.V. If I can do this, others may learn from me and I could be a leader.
    I would also like to be a follower, especially on things I know nothing or very little about. I have to make sure that if I am a follower, that I make sure that I follow a leader who is doing something right and that I am not being lead to do or learn wrong things. I have to know my rights and responsibilities.

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