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How did you feel today and why did you feel that way?

Did you feel better than how you did on IKAN 1?

We will compare your results tomorrow to see.


Comments on: "IKAN 2" (28)

  1. Rahul Doshi said:

    Before the IKAN 2 assessment, I was really nervous and curious on how it would be; harder than IKAN 1, or not. It turned to be a little easier than IKAN 1, probably because we already had a taste of what the assessments were like. When Mr Chad called me, and showed me my results, and he happy, I was really amazed.

    • Pranay Hira said:

      Nice language. But I was not that impressed because I know you are capable of a score like that. You really deserve it. 🙂

  2. Your results were very pleasing. But, I don’t want to discourage others who found the IKAN difficult. We all have strengths and weaknesses. Rahul, you seem to be a very strong mathematician. Let’s see how far we can take you…. Mr. Chad

  3. Pranay Hira said:

    I got less in IKAN 2 than in IKAN 1. It was a little more familiar to me because I had done IKAN before. I feel confident in Math now that I know that I am on the right track. Mr. Chad, when will we learn to post comments? I find it interesting and I would make good use of it. I would not tell people who would use it badly. I know that to post things, you need to have an email. People can log in and delete other peoples comments.

  4. Today I felt butterflies in my stomach. I felt this way because I was really nervous about IKAN 2. I felt much more relaxed in IKAN 2 then in IKAN 1. I don’t really know why I felt more relaxed, but I think that it was because there was a very small amount of people in the room. I am super excited to look at my results tomorrow.

  5. Actully today i found IKAN 2 littel easy.

    At least people tried to do it.


  6. I feel better than IKAN 1. Because I was able to learn more than usual.

  7. Saloni Patel said:

    Today when Mr Chad told us that we are going to do IKAN2 I felt nervous and thought it will be more difficult than IKAN1. Eventually, IKAN2 was easier. Probably, because we knew the pace and how the questions will look like.

    I am curious about how IKAN 3 and 4 will be.
    Apparently, I still don’t know my scores, but hope I have done well in both my IKAN’s.

  8. I felt IKAN 2 was easier because i was used to the speed and the challenges from the questions

  9. Sarah Cochu said:

    For IKAN2 I felt more confident but at the beginning I had butterflies in my tummy. In IKAN2
    I answered more questions than IKAN1.

  10. sarah rishad said:

    Wow I was scared and curious about ikan1 but it felt fun and easy. Its easy to me because I am good in mental maths but one promblem Mr Chad only four seconds can you make it 6 seconds for others I am worried if its okay ikan I wished we did it daily then the others slowly slowly they will know maths just a idea Mr Chad

  11. I found IKAN 2 challenging. 4 seconds went by too quickly and this made it difficult. I felt IKAN 1 was easier.

  12. Pranay Hira said:

    Yessss! I finally think it was worth putting in effort for Nawaf. Great job for commenting today.
    🙂 🙂

  13. I felt good because i tried to do the work but i felt better doing IKAN 1.

  14. Moraa Siika said:

    I did better in Ikan 2. I go 22. In Ikan 1 I got 18. This is because, I know the pace of Ikan. In both Ikan’s, I struggled with fractions. I was good with basic facts. At one point the questions said, which is bigger, 80% or 7/5. I struggled with this.

  15. jaimorjaria2099 said:

    I did better on IKAN2 because of experience from IKAN1.

  16. I felt very scared it felt like my heart will explode. 😦

  17. I think ikan2 is harder than ikan1 because in ikan2 it was gong really fast so I didn’t have enough time to think, I hope I shall do better in ikam3. 🙂

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