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Compass Point


What do you now know about each compass point?
Which compass point(s) are easy for you to explain and understand, why?
Which compass point(s) are difficult for you to explain and understand, why?


How do you think the compass will help you to focus your thinking?


What words are you unsure about? Example: infrastructure


Comments on: "Compass Point" (72)

  1. Saloni Patel said:

    When I was doing my 2nd thinking I read the paper on the compass point. The only word that was in my “TO DON’T KNOW LIST” was infrastructure. When I asked Mr Chad he told me that it is like if we didn’t have electricity our fans wouldn’t work or if we didn’t have water dams we wouldn’t be able to have water in our dams. Basically it is like conservation of energy.

    There were other complex words but I knew the meaning of them like “legal frameworks”.

    • Saloni Patel said:

      Also I didn’t understand well-being very well in my first thinking but, I understood nature and society more.

  2. Sarah Cochu said:

    The easiest compass point for me was nature because for the first thinking I said that nature is a food chain, but then for the second thinking I saw that it was slightly different but I got a part of it right.The hardest compass point was economy because at first I thought a totally different thing but then for the second thinking it was a totally different thing.

    • Pranay Hira said:

      The easiest compass point is nature too. But my ” Why” is different from yours. My why is that I have learned on biomes and I know they are part of nature so I understand easily. I even know animals inside the biomes. My hardest compass point is also economy First of all, I had never know what it meant, and secondly, it is a hard word to remember. The word is new to me so it takes a little time to get used to it.

  3. Wow i noticed that this is such a beautiful compass my group will make a compass and i know we will succeed without me fights and eventually make a good/fantastic/excellent/perfect compass that will look beautiful and i know we will succed.

  4. Good job Nicole that’s the spirit

  5. I didn’t understand well-being very well in my first thinking but, I understood nature. 🙂

  6. The most challenging part of the compass was well being and society.

    The easy part was economy and nature but nature was the easiest of all because we now. Alot about it and it is all around us.

  7. Why did you under stand nature Lutfi.

  8. moraa Siika said:

    Nature is about endangered species and protecting the environment. Economy is about business. Well being is caring for each other and society is the people around you. The one I understand nature the mos, because I have done food chain energy, but I am most interested in well being. Words I am unsure of: Infrastructure, vital, sufficient and legal frameworks.

  9. The Nature is like healthy air, water tree like that.The Economy is like The activity that production, distribution uses money and property, service necessary for human life.The managing of the money. Of an expense and the trouble do not take it. The words that society expresses every relation of a person and the person.A meaning of well-being is happiness, a meaning to be in a healthy state.I explain and Nature to be easy to understand. I do not use other wordsverymuch,andNature it is a familiar thing.Because I use the word economy when I board an airplane, I explain it and am hard to understand it.I think that compass is helpful to learn words.I unsure about Astigmatism.

  10. jaimorjaria2099 said:

    My hardest compass point was economy because I thought it was helping the environment.
    My easiest compass point was society because I know a bit from being a professional bookworm on topics like this(and proud of it!)

  11. Really refreshing to see some (person B and C) people on the blog. Finally. Thank you! I appreciate you making the effort and the time to be counted. Can you keep this up? That’s the real challenge. Mr. Chad

  12. Pranay Hira said:

    Can you believe it? Someone who is an amateur to you in English can compete with you as well as others. That is Riko. She is an amazing comment maker. She has even written a word that I do not yet understand. That is “Astigmatism”. She may not be speaking a lot of English in class, but on the blog, she puts her time and effort to make a comment bigger than any of my comments. She is called a true flyer of the blog. Mr. Chad would have put her with Moraa, Rahul, Saloni and I but, believably, she just needs to space out her words and improve her writing skills and there, BOOM!, she has passed you and become a leader of the blog. I am not favoring her, I am just putting to you in a comment that you will have to read, How Riko has put in a lot of lot of effort in her learning. She has beaten all the flyers in putting effort in her work Don’t think that riser put in all their effort in their learning otherwise you would all be flyers. She is a great flyer of the blog. 🙂 🙂

  13. My hardest compass point was well-being.
    My easiest compass point was nature.

  14. Rahul Doshi said:

    Nature is really simple for me, while economy is kind of easy. Society and Well-being is a bit complicated and I need to go into further definitions to understand. Nature is simple because I learn it every year, not only in school, but, outside in the garden, sea, etc. I am also good at it because, guess what…..we’re part of nature! Economy is in some ways easy to understand, in some ways hard. I understand that it is the change of money around the world. For example: $1=Ksh 82—–>tomorrow: $1=Ksh 86. Society and well-being is understandable, but becomes more complicated when you go deeper into it. My thinking and curiosity is: Do these for compass points really work together like the normall compass points (North, East……..)? I think they do. Nature is all around us. Living-things are nature, too. If living things play a part in the society, nature and society connect. Economy is money. Around the society, we use money to help people and to pay for things that make the society better. They both connect, too. Lastly, well-being connects with economy. Well-being is things like education, clean water, etc. that help us and lead us to a healthy life. Some things that we need use money. When we pay for the supplies, the two points connect. This so how I think the compass points work together.

  15. My hardest part on the compass was society.because when i herd of it i was like what in the world does this mean i almost just skipped it.but then i stopped and read other peoples thinking i got an idea of what it means.

  16. sarah rishad said:

    Nature and well being is quite easy to me and society and economy is a little bit challenging to put this in my learning I need to understand what I write and what it means.
    Nature is connected to the environment.
    Economy is connected to money.
    society is connected to people and working together as a team
    Well being is connected about your life.
    Tomorrow I will take some of my time and understand what I wrote in the sheet of paper this will be connected to my learning and to my understanding skills.

  17. sarah rishad said:

    Mr Chad this was quite fun today.Its just like playing guessing and understanding

  18. The easiest compass point I know about is nature. This point is the easiest because I have done a small exhibition all about nature/food chains. I do not know about economy because I don’t know the meaning of the word and I’ve never learnt about it. I know that society is to do with working together and a community, nature is to do with different organisms and endangered species, and I know that well being is to do with taking care of your health.

  19. wow Rahul you thought before you wrote 🙂

  20. I didn’t know that they was another way for the compass I thought it was north south etc. but any ways I am open for new learning ideas.:-)

  21. We’ll done, Khaleel:-)! You have written using words that have lofted off from the ground! This means that you are using a better choice of words and grammar, instead of ‘like’, ‘good’ and ‘nice’:-(. Although, you have used punctuation in half the sentence. Keep it up but try harder.

  22. Rahul Doshi said:

    Pranay, because my laptop takes long to switch on and is mostly on charge. Anyway, I’m getting used to this way.

  23. Rahul Doshi said:

    The word(s)/phrases that connect to the compass points that I don’t understand are/is:
    -Legal frameworks
    If you know what that means, please let me know.
    Thank you.

  24. the compass point is to look at your imagination and see I you know.

  25. Sir,do you know when Taia was writing I just saw his face and I started laughing actually,he has really improved.I was so impressed Go team Taia!

  26. The topic that I think is easy to explain is nature because nature is all around you and we did a unit in nature in year 2 and 4. The most difficult topic is society because I am not into politics and I don’t read books or watch programmes about helping a town achieve goals and al that stuff.the hard words in the sheet of paper was infrastructure and sufficient production of goods and services

  27. The hardest compass for me was economy because it was really challenging.
    The easiest compass for me was nature because I have been learning about nature since,year 3. I am really interested in nature and it stands up to me the most.
    I think economy is business so,for my picture of economy I drew a picture of a plane to represent someone traveling for business.

  28. Mehwish Punjani said:

    the compass point has 4 points which are north south east west these stand for 1nature,2society,3econnmey,4 wellbeing, one of the compass i was given was well being i never new what it meaned in my first thinking I guessed health and it was write but there is also other meanings about well being which is love kindness happines and many more others

  29. The compass point has 4 points north,west,east and south. You taught us that north is for nature,west is for wellbieng,east is for economy and south is for society. Today my big brother (Haitham) taught me that muslims pray when they are facing north in mombasa,kenya facing the holy kaaba.

  30. sumaiya omar said:

    well we did our thing today and as people said i understude more of nature and society as well.

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