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Summative Assessment

This is what you will be assessed against at the end of this unit. Read it carefully. Understand it. Know that this is what guides your learning. Do you want to be on the left side, middle or the right-side? What are you going to do to ensure you are moving towards the right? This is a continuum of learning.

Click on the image to make it bigger. I look forward to reading your comments.



Comments on: "Summative Assessment" (28)

  1. Sarah Cochu said:

    I want to be on independent I do and adults watch because I won’t be on the very high standard and I won’t be that bad.I think I will be on it because I will research a lot and in 3rd grade I did a unit about migration so I know some facts but some facts I still need to learn.

  2. moraa Siika said:

    I want to be in independent in some places, and leading in others. My learning target is to be independent. I want to understand why people move? I want to the push and pull factors, the history throughout moving, the affect and my personal opinion.

  3. I want to be on independent because I have a book That is called how when and why it has really shifted my learning.

  4. And wow science and even science encyclopedia.

  5. I want independence
    to become a thinker

  6. WHAT I WANT TO BE :I would love to be on independent because I would need an adult to watch and check my work.

    HOW I WILL HELP MYSELF REACH MY GOAL: I will help myself reach independent by searching more about migration push and pull factors and timelines. I will also use the compass point to help me through this unit

  7. jaimorjaria2099 said:

    I want to be an INDEPENDENT LEARNER this summative assessment because I want to step up from last unit’s summative assessment disaster.
    I will reach my goal by using the variety of science books at my house and borrow migration books from the library.

  8. Tiana Vora said:

    I want to be an Independent Learner. I will make sure that I will improve on my faults of my last unit summative. I have started reading about migration and I hope to know a lot by the end of this “Journey”.

  9. Sarah Cochu said:

    That is a very good answer Tiana well done!

  10. Saloni Patel said:

    I want to be on the right side of this important sheet. I will make sure I will move on the right side by researching and reading more on migration. I will paraphrase information in my bubble catcher and have knowledge in my brain as knowledge is power. Wishing to fly higher in my Flight this unit.

  11. sarah rishad said:

    I am going to be an independant learner and research on nature and tap it into my bubble catcher before presenting it and I wish everyone happy learning.

  12. I’m still in left side.I try one by one.

  13. Pranay Hira said:

    I am on the lesser part of the third one, but I assure you, I will not stay there for long. My goal is not only defeating my kryptonite, but being a flyer in the end of the unit.

  14. i really can not read the picture

  15. I am independent on because I want to be on the right side leading and others following me in terms of learning and the blog, but for now in terms of the blog I think I’m in the middle and in terms of learning I am also in the middle, Mr.Chad please help me and lift me up, Class help me and lift me up too please I really ned you to lift me up.

  16. This year my goal is to be a leader, because I don’t want my dad saying did you pack your bag,did you do your homework and E.T.C.

    I will improve by doing everything then I will tell my dad I am done then hi will start to belive that I don’t need someone. Or him. To ask if I have the packed my bag.

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