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Number – Groups

There has been some changes in the maths groups. Our groups are always changing.

Why do you think the groups are always changing?



Comments on: "Number – Groups" (14)

  1. jaimorjaria2099 said:

    Because people keep progressing in maths.

  2. To deepen the relation with the friend.To know the thought of various people.

  3. I think the groups are changing because of how people progress in math.

  4. Pranay Hira said:

    I think the groups are changing because they are doing better in their math’s and because they are doing worse. There is no example for worse, because as I see, no one has gone down, but Riko has gone 2 levels up. Give her a round of applause.

  5. Saloni Patel said:

    I think the maths group have changed because many people are developing in maths but at the same time some are not.

    Well done Khaleel, Dhrishti and Talal. You have progressed in maths and you are now in a higher level because of your hard work and effort. Keep it up!

    For the rest let us try our best and not get disappointed. If you work hard you can reach a higher point as WHAT YOU GIVE IS WHAT YOU GET!

    • Very encouraging words Saloni! Well written because you have written with sensitivity of others.

  6. i think that is ho we have proven to Mr.chad who we are in math

  7. sarah rishad said:

    The groups are a tricky question because we all have different capabilities in understanding math.But I have a question for Mr.Chad?what if we all understand then there will be no groups in class.I guess that would be challenging.I agree with salonis view about Talal,Drishti and Khaleel.Keep it up GUYS!

  8. Rahul Doshi said:

    The Math groups keep changing as we keep keep changing. The groups move and change by the capability, knowledge, understanding, etc. we contain. Someone could even move to the red group, if they show that they deserve to, and if they improve the skills above to the standard of the next level. Congrats, guys! And keep it UP.:-)

  9. mehwish Punjani said:

    The maths groups keep on changing as we keep on changing people go lower and people go higher because some people struggle some people get it.

  10. Sarah Cochu said:

    The math groups are changing because as we go further with our maths people get better and better .The math groups are also changing because people are not all on the same level some need to work on fraction some need to work on subtraction e.t.c

  11. moraa Siika said:

    The math groups are changing, because as we along year 5, we improve and learn from our mistakes. We are taking baby steps.

  12. Our maths group changes because we do well in our before maths group and if sir thinks that your improving hi will put you up.

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