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in-put vs out-put


When you put so much time into something it is best to take that extra step. Make it personal and meaningful to add more value.

When we put so much into something, we also want to make sure the out-put is there too.

Saloni made a really beautiful card for me. All of you did, and I really appreciate it!

When you write something to someone put feeling into it. You are writing a personal message where you want to connect with that person. Saloni spent an hour on this card and it took me 10 seconds to read and appreciate it.

This lesson is a lesson for everyone, and in everything you do. If you are going to put the effort, time and energy into something, you want to make sure that the out-put is valued, has connection and adds value to that person.

Please understand that I am using Saloni’s card as an example to understand and highlight a bigger picture.

The bigger picture is all about matching what you put into something and what you hope to get out of it.

What other areas in your life do you hope that what you give is what you get in return?


Comments on: "in-put vs out-put" (20)

  1. Sarah Cochu said:

    The other areas that I hope for is when it is my birthday have the present and the card but the just says happy birthday and that doesn’t make me feel like they really care about it.

  2. moraa Siika said:

    The other ares I hope has a goof output is life, specifically kindness. When you dedicate your life to others, then you’ll receive the greatest present ever… HAPPINESS! That’s what input and output is all about.

  3. i made the card because of teachers day.

    • have you done anything nice to someone and someone gave you something else in return ,I am just asking

  4. Pranay Hira said:

    I had written a very short comment. Sorry for that. I had forgotten today was teachers day. Otherwise I would have written more. Sorry. I did not do much of an output.

  5. I did’nt make card for mr.chad. But I wants to be pleased from now on.

  6. sarah rishad said:

    Mr.Chad are you talking about society in our compass?If you are then the very old people need a lot of love because they think they cannot do anything in life.And we kids need love too like when we come to school and Mr.Wilkins welcomes us in school its a good feeling.In society nothing is free.You need to share.like helping the poor and spending at the rescue centre in Tudor.

  7. sarah rishad said:

    I mean spend time at the rescue centre in Tudor.Even doing small things like making breakfast for my mum on Sunday and I get a big hug from her and a smile.To visit the sick in hospital because they need love to be strong and get well.

  8. When I tell my mum I love her and she is the best mum in the world my mum takes me places like naivas but I don’t tell my mum I love because I want to go to naivas or citymall I tell her these words because I really love her

  9. Rahul Doshi said:

    Very important things to give someone is love, happiness, and laughter. If you love someone, they’ll love you back. If you smile happily to someone, they smile at you back:-). If you laugh with someone, they will keep laughing with you:-)). These are very essential things to offer to someone. It doesn’t have to be on a special occasion, it can be anyday. Remember that library book Mr Samson read to us; doing these three (there are even more) things will fill someone’s happiness bucket:-).

  10. Rahul Doshi said:

    Oh, I forgot to mention something to Mr Chad:
    P.S: I really like the way you’ve rearranged and restructured this blog. It looks much more organized.:-)

  11. Sir I think my inside of the card came personally.

  12. And it will touch your heart but,I don’t know yet.

  13. Oh and Mr Chad one more thing i know what’s in-put and out-put:
    In-put is like sweet feedback which is honey(delicious)
    Out-put is sour feedback (lemon).

  14. Saloni Patel said:

    As we all know if you give someone a certain amount of quality you get the same quality back or if you fill someone’s bucket you fill yours too e.g I do really good in a test. I don’t just get the same amount of marks as others, I get more.
    I hope that if I give a helping hand I will get something back in return.

    I think in-put and out-put is the quantity or amount produced to do something.

  15. I think that in-put and out-put is like just as Rahul said when you fill someone’s bucket with a smile you fill your own bucket to because you please someone and that made you happy so just like that you fill york bucket and someone’s else.

    I hope I am correct.

  16. I meant yours not york.

  17. I think that input and output is filling someones bucket by doing thing that really touch their hearts and something that they will treasure or/and cherish {keep} for the rest of their hearts for example: If someone hits you dont hit them back go tell on them so if someone does something bad to you you tell on them because thats what they deserve.

  18. Happiness is input AND output. I can help some people to be happy by donating. In the Philippines, I gave shoes to children that lived near the garbage mountain. It made me feel good because I could help someone else.

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