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All about you!


The past two weeks has been all about you and the movement in your life. We are constantly moving. We never stand still for too long. There are always ‘push’ and ‘pull’ factors that have a big part to play in making decisions. So far, in your life, your parents have made most of those decisions for you. As you move throughout your life and gain more independence with the decisions you make, you will be having to make choices on your own.

Over the next week we are going to learn about the movement (migration patterns) in the lives of Africans. This is where we live. Let’s learn more about this vast and amazing continent together.


Comments on: "All about you!" (12)

  1. I have moved from Aga Khan Nursery school to AKAM I missed my teachers alot. Then I met new teachers that helps me more to gain more knowledge.

  2. moraa Siika said:

    I moved from Kenya to England. In the golden circle, it is on world. Changes: a new culture, a new school, new friends, snow, smooth roads, not a lot of game parks and no reckless driving. Challenges: Always moving schools and making new friends. On the compass it is society. It is society, because I met new people, and we were working as a team to complete work.

  3. sarah rishad said:

    Last year I used to get 1000shs for my pocket money and I lived like a princess because I could save 200 shs.But after elections things have become so expensive and the prices of ice cream has gone up from 100shs to 150shs.and a bar of kitkat has risen from 45shs to 55shs.I only save 50 shs a month so I feel like a beggar because I have to ask mum to give me extra cash.On our compass its called economy.

  4. For me its from mombasa academy to aga khan academy mombasa, Changes: Akam is more strict, Akam is better looking, Akam is bigger. Challenges: I had to make new friends {witch was hard for me} Moving to new and harder year levels and many more.

  5. Sarah Cochu said:

    I moved from France to Mombasa and it is in world.The challenges that I had to face was making new friends,I had to adapt to the weather e.t.c.The changes were that I went to a different school and I learnt new cultures and food.

  6. I moved from Philippine to kenya. The challenge is English.

  7. Saloni Patel said:

    I have moved to many places but my most powerful move is when I went to Thailand from Mombasa for a holiday. When I moved I experienced the best time in my life. I went on a tour in Bangkok and I learnt more on their culture and lifestyle. I also saw the king and queen’s palace. My friends family and I also went to a park where we saw amazing and funny acts done by animals. We also attended a fantasy which was completely huge and exciting. We experienced fun adventures like sea-walking, paragliding, and many other things. Last but not least our hotels were paradise for me as we had our own private pool, there were fun activities for big and small children, the food was amazing and many other things. I don’t think my friends, family and I had any challenges and pull factors. I LOVE THAILAND!

  8. I agree strongly Mr Chad, that parents make the best decisions for us for a better future. They go through so much just figuring out the push and pull factors to give us a better life e.g better environment, education, lifestyle, security, health and many other factors.
    Africa is a vast continent with many opportunities to offer but, it has is push factors which cause people to migrate e.g insecurity due to terrorist attacks, civil wars, disease and lack of medical supplies,water shortage, electricity blackouts and the list goes on.

  9. I moved from Oman to Mombasa

    My challenges were…………..

    I never spoke any English

    It was like everything was knew to me

    And I even had many more

    My changes was………………

    We got offered to move in an a apartment.

    I got knew friends.

    I got new neighbours .

    The best thing is seeing my father because he was in Mombasa because that time my dad was in Nairobi.

    Moral:don’t ever be ashamed of yourself because when I was young and when I came to Mombasa I never knew any English so,people always started laughing to me.

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