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I see what you mean


I came across the above image. It got me thinking about what illustration best represents the meaning of ‘push’ and ‘pull.’

I then did some more digging and came across the below diagram. I really like the magnet to show the pull factors. The finger pointing shows the push factors as it is saying, move on, go over there.

Why do pictures help us so much when it comes to making connections to deepen our understanding? Are you picture smart? Do you connect more when you see something instead of hear it? Why?



Comments on: "I see what you mean" (6)

  1. moraa Siika said:

    it is good to show, but it is even better to show and tell. Some people might not understand what you are talking about, so you use a diagram to explain. It is also good to tell, to show your knowledge and understanding. For example, for the food chain energy, I did a poster. Not only with words, but with diagrams. I couldn’t just point at the poster, I needed to share my thinking and understanding.

    • Excellent connection Moraa, and you used a real example to explain your thinking. You are a very wise girl!

  2. It is excellent to show but its very good with both show and tell, Like when we where doing about energy in mine and Sarah presentation we did not just stay inside the whole time we also did an experiment outside in the hall in front of our classroom.

  3. sarah rishad said:

    In my compass I had to show push and pull factors with idols so people could understand and connect in our unit of enquiry.It was very simplified and if you were clever you would understand.Pictures and diagrams and models simply the learning concept and makes you think and imagine harder.

  4. A picture tells a thousand words.What you see in a picture you cannot describe in a story.However, a picture doesn’t signify a whole story so it is best to add a brief explanation to it.

  5. Sarah Cochu said:

    It is better to show because in one picture it could mean a lot of things.It is even better than to tell because when you tell you don’t know if they are telling the truth but if you show people can see a lot more than telling.

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