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Migration in Africa

Africa is a fascinating place. Africa is a place that sees a lot of people moving within and across countries. Most of the reasons for people moving are “push” factors. These videos are of people moving because of war, food shortage, lack of jobs or harsh weather conditions such as drought. Watch these videos and record by taking notes of important and interesting information. Write what the push factors are that force these people to move from their home to seek a better way of life. These videos are very confronting. These are real stories and paint an accurate picture as to the hardship many people face every day. These are not opportunities for a better life. These are real challenges that these people have to deal with in order to survive.

From Zimbabwe to South Africa

Thousands of Zimbabweans cross the border into South Africa every month in search of work and security. Their journey into to the cities often takes many weeks and when they finally arrive they are not guaranteed work. Many lack the basic services and cannot afford to pay rents.

From Mali to Mauritania

Close to 70,000 refugees from the conflict in Mali have come to the M’bera refugee camp in Mauritania in search of food and safety. Drought across the Sahel region of Africa has made life precarious for residents and refugees alike. With the rains fast approaching, it’s a race against time to deliver enough food to last the camp through the summer before the roads turn to mud.

From Central African Republic to Republic of Congo

Fighting and a coup since late last year in Central African Republic have forced more than 30,000 people to seek refuge in DR Congo. UNHCR chief António Guterres visited some of them.

From Somalia to Kenya

The Dadaab Refugee Camp in Kenya is the world’s largest refugee settlement, home to almost 300,000 people who have fled the war in neighboring Somalia. The camp is located in an area of Kenya where pastureland, water and other resources are at a premium, and many Kenyans in the surrounding community resent the refugees and their use of local resources. Conflicts between the two groups erupt periodically, and to ease tensions, aid agencies have sponsored income-generating projects in the town of Dadaab.

From Sahel to Chad

As the hunger crisis deepens across the Sahel region of West and Central Africa, WFP’s Jon Dumont travels to Chad, one of the countries most affected. He sees how a mixture of high food prices, mounting malnutrition and relative isolation are affecting Chad’s most vulnerable inhabitants.


Comments on: "Migration in Africa" (10)

  1. Sarah Cochu said:

    The challenges that they faced were war,no jobs,some people are very happy because they can find a job and have money.It is hard for refugees because they have to go through a lot to cross the border.It is also hard for refugees because they can’t afford hospitals and a shelter.

  2. I write taking notes of important and interesting information.

  3. The push factors of the people moving is war, rape,jobs and well being. Some of these people like the mother who has children suffering from kwashiorkor a very dangerous/serious sickness that can kill. but the the poor mother doesn’t have enough money to pay for medical assistance bills.Thousands of people migrated from Zimbabwe
    to South Africa to get a proper job but instead they are paid 8$/60 rand in one day witch is 1,800 rand other moved to South Africa for safety because some of there relatives were burnt alive and others were beaten so they wanted to protect themselves and the children.In the second and third group people moved because of conflict and hunger.
    also in the last video people moved because of high food prices one person also explained how his 5 year old son was getting thinner and thinner by the days because of the prices of these was really sad and disappointing.

  4. Pranay Hira said:

    Video 1:
    I have a lot of pity on the less privileged because they come looking for jobs when there is nothing for them. Now I understand why you need a job. If you are less privileged, like the people who spoke last in the video, the thing you need most is money and an educational background.

    Video 2:
    People should move toward the place where the food trucks are coming so they get their food early and don’t suffer too much on their journey back. They should also not take risks like Fatma.

  5. moraa Siika said:

    Zimbabwe to South Africa: A man was told he was going to going to be paid $289 a month, but he only got $8 a day. He wanted to go back to Zimbabwe. People did not have enough money to pay rent. They didn’t have enough money. People were beaten. Hospitals didn’t allow refuges to go for treatment, because they did not have paperwork.

  6. I feel very sorry for the people who are forced to migrate due to reasons beyond their control such as conflict,extreme weather,etc. They are forced to live in substandard conditions in often harsh and alien environment.They have to struggle to get basic things like food and water and often end up suffering from xenophobia.

  7. African push factors: 1.Thousands of Zimbabweans cross the border into South Africa every month seeking work. 2. The journey to the large cities can take up to several weeks. 3. A man wants to go back to Zimbabwe because his paying fees in his recent job are poor. 4. The time a man reaches South Africa there were no jobs left. 5. The same man struggled to find a job. 6.Him and his wife slept on the streets. From the time he wakes up in the morning, He thinks about how can he get back to Zimbabwe. 7. Him and his wife fear Xenophobia, and they do not have enough money to pay rent. 8.Some of their fellow members from Zimbabwe were burnt alive, some were beaten. 9. So here {Church Shelter} they feel safe. 10. During the day the temperature is as high as 50 degrees Centigrade and over 120 degrees Farenhite.

  8. This is my reaserach during the video.

  9. Saloni Patel said:

    Video 1:

    Thousands of Zimbabweans cross the border into South Africa every month seeking work. Zimbabweans have to travel for 7 months. It is really hard for them to travel as they are not entitled to refugee status. Some migrants are getting even poor as they are given less money in jobs. They want to go back to Zimbabwe. At the same time they are safer in South Africa as back in Zimbabwe some of their friends are burnt alive or beaten.

    This information will take my learning further because I can use it in my summative assessment.

  10. VIDEO 1:
    The Zimbabwe people migrated because of:

    1: Lack of services

    2:Lack of jobs

    3:Lack of food

    and many more.

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