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It’s all about knowing what is right and what is wrong in life. Everyone has two voices inside of them. One voice is the mischievous one that wants to pull you down. The other voice is the wise one that lifts you up. The question is which voice is louder? Which voice do you listen to?

We all make mistakes. This is one of our essential agreements. We learn by making mistakes. This is why these boys will know better next time.

How do you know which voice is louder in you?



Comments on: "It’s all about knowing…" (23)

  1. SARAH RISHAD said:

    Next time they will never do what they did because they realised the mistake. What they did was a mistake and they will be more caring to others. Its a tough way to learn your mistake and i guess Mr Chad has set an example for the school. Mrs pam and mr wilkins should see this picture on the blog so that they are no bullys in school.

  2. I have both loud voices. I go into mischief also I do the good thing and the volume of voice is approximately about the same. A voice of wise is louder if said that someone decide which is big.

  3. Sarah Cochu said:

    The one that is louder for me is the angel ,although sometimes I listen to the bad side but mostly the good side.The one that I listen most to is the angel but sometimes I can’t choose between the good side or the bad side.

  4. Monkey see monkey do

  5. That means think before you do!

  6. I think the angel is louder for me because I do appealing stuff sometimes.

  7. Moraa Siika said:

    Everyone has a bad side. Even I have a bad side. Not hurting peoples feelimgs, but making mistakes, and learning from them. Although, I listen to Item angel the most. It’s not the devil and angel which tell you what to do, it’s you who makes the decision. The voices give you a talk, but at the end of the day, you’re the one who chooses. We all have a good side, that’s trying to show.

  8. Rahul Doshi said:

    Moraa is right. Everyone has a bad side inside them; (these are just examples) even Saloni, Tiana, Moraa, Pranay, Dish, me, etc.. Some people, like the stated above and more, can control their angel to overcome their devil inside them. But can everyone hide their bad side. That’s the question. If one person lets out their bad side, it will spread. It is contagious. That’s why we have ALL have to practice TOGETHER to defeat mischievousness.

    • Pranay Hira said:

      It would be much better that way, but there would be no challenge apart from school ones. Who will you hate? I live a life where I need someone to hate and without him(because it is almost never a girl), I don’t think life will be much of a challenge.

  9. The angel is louder but when i am angry the devil is very loud i cant even hear the angel but sometimes I can control my self. 😉

    • Pranay Hira said:

      I could never. I have a habit of showing my anger one someone who deserves it. And that anger is not small. Only the people who have known me since Nursery can tell you. Like Rahul.

  10. “To err is human,to forgive,divine”-author unknown to me
    I think we should be divine and forgive them because as Mr.Chad says:”Everyone makes mistakes”.But one must learn from those mistakes so that their mistakes are fruitful.
    I have equally loud voices inside me.Sometimes I’m mischievous,sometimes I’m good.

  11. The angel is louder for me because at home and school i mostly do things well but sometimes i can get into mischief, But the mischief i get into is not powerful it is just a joke. So BEWARE i can SOMETIMES get into powerful mischief, Starting from Tuesday no mischief will be ahead of me that is my goal for at least 1 week.{I can barley not get in to mischief for a day}

  12. For me I would say that the angel is louder.The angle is the good side of you and if you don`t listen to it your life will be horrible.The numpties which had to clean the bathrooms are listening to the devil.They do not listen to Mr.chad at all that is why they had to clean the bathrooms. MONKEY SEE MONKEY DO!

  13. Saloni Patel said:

    No one is perfect in life. Everyone makes a mistake. These boys have learnt their lesson and hopefully will not do it again.

    I always try to listen to the angel side but at times still end up making big mistakes and problems. From these mistakes we learn and not repeat it again. If we still continue we are numpties.

    I hope that as I grow I will be more and more on the ANGEL side learning from my mistakes and not repeating them.

  14. The loud voice is the angel it guides me where ever i go and tells me not to do any thing wrong .

  15. Next time listen to the angel not your devil never do that again.
    Hope you have learnt a valuable lesson.

  16. I have both voice. But I want to wise voice is louder than mischievous.

  17. nawafatrash said:

    I think my evil voice because i am always naughty and I love violence.

  18. sarah rishad said:

    No one is perfect in life because we are the same and we are born from the same God the only thing we are not same is the brain and the face we make mistakes

    Boys next time don’t do this silly thing ever again I hope you learnt you lesson:(

  19. Pranay Hira said:

    I hate to say this, but I hear the mischievous voice more, but I choose to listen to the angel, who is squashed flat on my skull with the devils trident(sarcasm, but I hear the devil more).

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