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True leaders!

A wise person is wise. They know what to do and they do it.

A leader leads. They know what to do, they do it and others follow.

A true leader is someone who is an independent learner. They can do things on their own and they do things well.

Here are some examples of some true leadership….

photo (6)

Tiana – Researching pull and push factors.

photo (5)

Ayann – Kryptonite, learning to add numbers mentally.

photo (4)

Nicole – Writing notes in her bubble catcher and making connections with her learning.

photo (3)

Taia – Writing a really interesting recount.


Comments on: "True leaders!" (13)

  1. SARAH RISHAD said:

    Congratulations to all they are all true leaders and flyers. Take your learning futher keep it up tomorrow i will bring a information report about migration

  2. Sarah Cochu said:

    Those people are really independent learners and they take their learning further well done those are the true flyers.

  3. I make an effort to make a habit of putting down a thing necessary for a bubble catcher from now on.

  4. Moraa Siika said:

    I am proud of the independent learners. They are leaders. They start a movement. Congratulations to all the flyers . You have set a good example. You are driving the bus, we are the passengers. Hopefully, we can get a driving lisence, and drive.

  5. Rahul Doshi said:

    It is hard to be an independent learner 24/7, 365 (or 366) days a year. This means every single minute. If you achieve this, you will be as successful as Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs, etc.! I am not joking. You can really achieve this. But for now, we should stick with being an independent learner almost every time, or working to become one. Anyway, congrats to the people who are already independent learners, and have already taken their learning further.

  6. Saloni Patel said:

    It is really good to see everyone is stepping up. They are the one’s that we wan’t in our class. On Monday I also wrote down information in my bubble catcher on the video clips Mr Chad had put on the blog about migration. I have also decided to write a story every week to improve my kryptonite.

    If you wan’t to step up you have to have good organization , presenting, listening, viewing and looking skills. You can work on this during the kryptonite period at school and at home.


  7. Those people are amazing!They are the true flyers in our class.I’m going to write up two information reports.One on push factors,one on pull factors:)

  8. For Taia this is a big surprise for all of us.He has gone from sinker to flyer just like that.This is the longest piece of writing that Taia has ever written.For Tiana like what Mr.chad would say “Not Surprising” but this is surprising.This is the first time I see a child like us do such a thing like this.”Student Action”.

  9. It is really good my mum applauded me for the good work and she says i still need to step up and become more and more independent, In our religion {Christians} we belive no one is perfect we belive every one needs to step up, NO ONE IS PERFECT, WE ARE ALL STEPPING UP!

  10. I am now stepping up and i am going to try to step up and try more.

  11. I ask my mother and father about a push and pull.

  12. You are truly leaders keep flying.

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