i am me because of you

Taia and Pranay

Taia and Pranay are going to lead and teach the rest of the class how to make posts

The agreement is that all the posts they will publish will be:

  • connected to learning;
  • meaningful;
  • and relevant.

Th below photo is a test to learn how to upload a photo.



Comments on: "Taia and Pranay" (8)

  1. wao!! Amazing!!

  2. You have done an amazing job Pranay and Taia i think Mr Chad chose the correct people to take this job you have taken alot of responsibility good job .

  3. Rahuldo and J said:

    I think Pranay and Taia have done a good job. They deserve to have this job.
    Pranay and Taia can do good work on the blog.They have accepted responsibility on the blog.
    We hope to get the responsibility soon!
    Rahul and Jai

  4. They are doing such a good job, Mr.Chad can you please also teach me and Sarah Cochu to also make a blog post because for the people whose kryptonite is presenting i got a video of a little girl singing and another little girls it is a short clip of her presenting.

  5. Sarah Cochu said:

    I think that Pranay and Taia are going to put relevant posts in our blog because you taught them how to make blog postsfor a reason.

  6. I think Mr Chad is going to have a rest because the blog boys are on to work good job praney and taia.

  7. Saloni Patel said:

    Pranay and Taia, it is really nice that you are helping us keep the blog PUMPING eventhough, Mr Chad has been making it interesting over time. It will be interesting to see your posts too.

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