i am me because of you


What does good look like?

Taking the time to do things well is time well-spent. The quality is there. The ideas are there. The thinking is there. It’s all there.

Zaena took the time to show her thinking and perspective about each character in The Lorax. This is a sign that she is becoming an indepenendnt learner. This piece of work shows a lot about who she is as a person. She cares about learning. She want to give her best. She wants to challenge herself and deepen her knowledge and understanding. You get what you give!

What are you giving? What are you getting in return?

Are you putting in the time, effort and energy like Zaena? How do you know you are? If you are not, what are you going to do about it?

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Comments on: "Zaena" (24)

  1. This paper of good look like is Writing much letter and zaena illustrate by a picture easy to understand.

  2. I work hard to think about an English sentence by oneself, and write it English sentence.

  3. Sarah Cochu said:

    Zaena is constantly flying she puts a lot of effort into her work she describes each thing very well and she is working very well she is a true flyer.

    • A very well written post Sarah. I have a very good feeling that you are also up there with Z. A successful person is one who can praise other praise other people and not get jealous. A successful person acknowledges and celebrates others.

    • Thank you Sarah you make me feel very special.

  4. Really good job Zeana you are consistently flying i wish I could be more like you, keep on flying Zeana

    • You can be more like Z. And I think you are starting too. The way you were making connections yesterday and sharing your thinking was a great sign this is starting to happen for you.

    • Thank you Adam and if you want to I can help you become more independent, organized and be more like me.

  5. Good work Zaena!You’re not a flyer,you’re above that!

  6. Wow Zaena…… You are constantly flying thats why you are a flyer on the chart thats up on the board because you put a lot of effort in to what you do and make it descriptive well done good for you.

  7. sarah rishad said:

    Congrats zaena keep it up.You are a true flyer and I hope u keep flying.

    • Yes Z, thank you for all your effort and time you put into things. It shows the world the type of person you are. Keep shining like the shooting star you are!

  8. Moraa Siika said:

    Zaena is always taking her learning further. She puts time, effort and energy into her work. She takes pride in the things she does. She does her work with care. She is a true flyer. Zaena is leading the class. Keep it up Z!

  9. Z no offense but the first time I so you I knew that you are going to be a leader you put time and effort in your work help others in what they are doing.
    Every week your home learning is OUTSTANDING YOU ARE A TRUE LEADER. KEEP IT UP.

  10. Saloni Patel said:

    Zaena you are someone special. Congrats to you!

    It is nice to see you are climbing up a ladder. You have written thoughtfully and detailed information.

  11. Thank you so much 5k. I know I could not comment on all your comments but I think you all touched me. Thank you!

  12. Lisa Kibutu said:

    Proud of you my Zz. I love your new attitude in learning and the responsibility you take to do your work well and on time. You need to influence your sisters and brother to do the same. Keep flying high…

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