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Zeds VS Numpties!

Today for Mr. Chad’s worst period of the week, Zeds washed out Numpties. Only three remained. The photos show the Zeds(who are like Zaena, who is a ‘Zed’) and the video shows the Numpties(includes the two greatest numpties of the class). Lets start with the photos.
That was the Zed doing her work. Not a surprise.
Again. The same people.
SURPRISE! A numpty is a flyer. But only with adult supervision. There are no videos here today. Wait till tonight. That is when the video bites.


Comments on: "Zeds VS Numpties!" (15)

  1. Pranay good work putting up the blog post.

  2. Look out world! Pranay is in fire. He now knows how to load photos onto the blog. Pranay, you need to teach Moraa and Saloni next. Step by step.

  3. Look out world! Pranay is on fire. He now knows how to load photos onto the blog. Pranay, you need to teach Moraa and Saloni next. Step by step.

  4. Pranay Hira said:

    Mr. Chad, why did you say the same comment twice. Secondly, I need their emails.

  5. Saloni Patel said:

    Well done to those who are rising or who are already flyers. I think numpties are starting to realize that they have to step up. I think that if we all start to become flyers we can learn new and exciting things faster. Keep on stepping up! Make Mr Chad think that it was worth for him to come to this school.

    • sarah rishad said:

      Well done Pranay I think now the numpties are trying their best to. Rise up and we flyers are going to help Mr Chad and teach them how to behave like a flyer guys if you step up and forcus in your goal you will be in the blog and in class Mr Chad will be praising you of your knowledge what else do you need nothing. You only need to forcus in your goal and try to rise up into another level this are for sinkers and survivers risers are trying their best to go to another level that’s flyer. GUYS WE WILL WORK AS A TEAM TO ACHIEVE THIS GOAL LETS GO TEAM CHAD!!!

      • Pranay Hira said:

        Why not we say ‘Let’s go 5K’. It is easier to say. But I agree. Tomorrow there may be a numpty post. Go the blog at the top of the hour.

    • Pranay Hira said:

      Saloni, could I have your email address. I need it to teach you how to post things on the blog.

  6. Sarah Cochu said:

    Those who are working hard are the Zeds they get it and they get on with it well done!There are getting less numties so I think that they are improving and realized that they are a bad example so well done!

  7. Moraa Siika said:

    Zeds are always stronger than numpties. If numpties try, then they can become a zed to. The numpties are starting to step up. Keep on going, and to the Zeds, you are all flying.

  8. I think the Numpty busters sorted things out.The Numpty busters are like Zaena, Rahul, Moraa,etc.

  9. Good job pranay! Well done pranay!

  10. Good job pranay, and i hope the numpties become like the zeds im just saying am i a numptie or a zed if you have my email tell me there if you dont either post it on the blog or ask me for my email.

  11. I like bieng a zed more than a numtie i feel more appreciated and that i put the right amount of effort in everything i do

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