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Any other migrating creature that migrates using push factors. Can you imagine how hard it would be? (In the shoes of a baby wildebeest)A place where you spent your whole life in with no predators and no humans, move to a place full of carnivores and poachers. But the biggest challenge of all, crossing the river. How could you do it when you are so young, just born a day ago, cross the Nile to a dangerous place just for food and water. Imagine how you would be crossing the Nile. When you are just about to make it to a new world, with luxury of a little cost, and you get torn to shreds by 5 Nile crocodiles. Now try and feel how it would feel for the rest. A lose of a family member. Try and take action in the future. To stop poaching. You know that you can’t do anything about carnivores yet. The golden opportunity would be in Tsavo. You could speak with rangers to try and stop poaching and to heal the hurt ones.


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Comments on: "Have you thought of being in the shoes of…." (20)

  1. Great to see you making posts Pranay. Some feedback: only limit yourself to one picture per post. You can use more pictures when the photos have students in them. Less is more. I’m very proud of you. You are flying. Mr. Chad

  2. Sarah Cochu said:

    I would feel very scared if I was the baby wildebeest.I would not really know what was happening around me and I would be confused.If I would be crossing the river Nile I would rush to the other side and hope for the best.

  3. When baby wildebeest cross the river the baby wildebeest lacks the strength of the mother, the baby wildebeest could not cross the river like other gnu fast either, and crocodile eat week wildebeest, so crocodile eat baby wildebeest(because baby wildebeest is not strong).

  4. moraasiika said:

    It’s not only baby wildebeest which are scared when migrating, also bigger wildebeest become scared. If I was a baby wildebeest or zebra, I would be terrified. Especially, if I lost the herd. Sometimes when the heard is moving, and the mother wildebeest gives birth, she has to leave her baby, because it is slowing her down. Crossing the river would be the scariest thing to do, because crocodiles eat anything at anytime. Although this is all brutal, it is the cycle of life. Without the wildebeest taking the risk, they would all die of starvation.

  5. Saloni Patel said:

    Pranay it is really nice to see you posting things on the blog, but don’t post too many because some of us don’t have time to comment on each and every one of them. Also sometimes we miss out on a really important posts.

    If you really want to stop poaching you have to take lot of action. Just remember if you try to stop poaching you are not only helping animals but teaching the society what is right and what is wrong. At the same time you can’t hate the crocodiles and other predators because the herbivores are they’re food. Basically it is called the cycle of life.

    • sarah rishad said:

      Pranay gud you are posting I am on a rest holiday but to be fair I will be coming to the blog Mr Chocolate how is your holiday in Zanzibar my Great grand parents have a house there I remember them when I am in Zanzibar.

    • Moraa Siika said:

      Saloni, you have written a very thoughtful and detailed comment. You have organized it in an understandable way. Keep on flying!

  6. Baby wild beasts are scared to cross the river because they fear they might drown not only baby but even the adults fear and they can drown.
    poaching is not good when I went to shimba hills to camp the guide told us that poachers come at night to kill the elephants especially, now the elephants are extinct.

    • Moraa Siika said:

      Elephants are not extinct. They are decreasing, but not yet extinct. They are an endangered species. I can’t tell you how many are left, but they are still out there.

    • Pranay Hira said:

      Yes Moraa, I see elephants every time I go to any National Park. Whole herds of them!

      • Moraa Siika said:

        You may see elephants a lot, but they are actually endangered. To us 450,000 elephants may be a lot, but they are slowly slipping.

      • Pranay Hira said:

        Yes Moraa, but I go to places where they are protected. Last time I counted at least 75!

  7. If i was in the shoes of a baby wildebeest i would feel scared because if i were to cross a river full of crocodiles i would stay on the other side and let my mama and papa go because they cant carry me i would have to fend for myself.

  8. sarah rishad said:

    I will feel scared if I was a elephant because elephant are always in danger just for their tusks how much they feel pain If I was a baby wild beest maybe while migrating I would be chewed alive by crocodiles while crossing the river.

  9. If I was a baby wildebeest I would be scared because I might lose the herd, my mother might abandon me because it’s slowing her down, and worst of all, I might get eaten by crocodiles!

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