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How Easy turns to hard

People think it is easy to answer a question like ‘Why do people migrate?’ Just to warn you, it is not. I had asked someone this question and these were his replies:
Why do people migrate?
-Because of push and pull factors.
What are push factors?
-Push factors are like war, no jobs, pollution.
Why is there war?
-There is war because…because…
Why are there no jobs? Why is there pollution?
Easier. Why are there push factors?
Easy question, huh. Try answering it. Send me replies to my email.



Comments on: "How Easy turns to hard" (11)

  1. You’re right.That’s a great question.Nice picture!

  2. Pranay Hira said:

    Thanks. And please read your mail now. It is important. For learning.

  3. I send a email to you(pranay).

  4. Sarah Cochu said:

    There are push factors because in a country maybe there is pollution,war,and political reasons so they have to move because of challenges that is why there is push factors.

  5. moraasiika said:

    That is very true. To ask about moving, there are so many questions. I will give your example. Why did you move? I moved because of war and pollution. Why is there war and pollution? There is war because the religions didn’t agree with the rules, and there is pollution, because no one cares about the environment. Why does no one care about the environment? No one cares about ….. and so on.

  6. Saloni Patel said:

    People around the world migrate because of push and pull factors. Push factors are like war, politics, food and water, climate and many others. Pull factors are like industrial revolution, politics, economic reasons, holidays and many others.

    -Reasons because there is war is because of politics and religious reasons.
    -Reasons because there there is bad climatic conditions is because of global warming.

    -Reasons because of of economic reasons is because many people come in a certain type of country for highly developed jobs.
    -Reasons because of holidays is so the family can get a rest from their work.

  7. Many people have hard time moving because of push and pull factors.
    It is not hard to be pulled but it is hard to be pushed.

  8. There are many reasons of why people migrate:
    civil war
    no economy
    job less
    home less
    bad people and E.T.C.

    climate in the other country
    friends family
    good people
    no war and E.T.C.

  9. Tiana Vora said:

    There are many reasons of why people migrate. Here are some examples:

    – Many criminals
    – War
    – High cost of living
    – High price/tax
    – Low supply of food
    – No jobs
    – Violence
    – A lot of pollution
    – Natural disasters .etc.

    – Peace
    – Jobs
    – Money
    – Friends and family
    – Entertainment
    – A good environment
    – Good health care
    – Good communities
    – Fresh air
    – Equal opportunities .etc.

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