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Have you migrated this mid-term break? Well, if you have, here are some questions you should use to reflect in the mid-term break to keep your mind going and away from boring, dumb, Numptyland! Record these questions in your bubble-catcher, and always reflect when you migrate:

-Where did you migrate to?
-Why did you migrate?
-How did you migrate, by plane, car, etc.?
-What impact did it have on you, and other people?
-What were the changes, challenges, and opportunities?
-Did you see any animals seasonally migrating (marine, land, etc.)?

There are more questions to reflect on to keep your mind buzzing.

Always remember the main words and terms like:
Push and pull factors
Changes and challenges
Impacts and effects

Migrating is very fascinating.


Comments on: "Migrations" (39)

  1. Yes, I made a blog. Please see it, everyone. It is very important and educational.

  2. Saloni Patel said:

    I am going to Diani beach and will stay at a villa on Friday. I will return on Monday and so will reflect and comment on this blog post later.

    Congrats Rahul, you have now reached the flyer category in posting blogs. I have not yet tried as I had a swimming gala during the weekend, but hoping to do it soon.

  3. Rahul Doshi said:

    Pranay, you haven’t migrated to a restaurant, to a hotel, back to your house? You must have migrated somewhere, not for holiday, for anything. Have you only stayed at home 24/7? I know you’ve gone somewhere. Anyway, it’s good to see you listening to instructions and reading the blog everyday, Saloni. You are a true committed flyer.

  4. I went to Niali beach resort. Because I wont to swim pool. By car.Opportunities is swam pool. No. I did’nt see any animals.

    • Riko,it’s N-Y-A-L-I not niali it’s W-A-N-T not wont.It’s S-W-I-M-M-I-N-G pool not swam/swim pool.It’s D-I-D-N’-T not did’nt.I am just trying to correct you not put you down.

    • aa no offense riko but swim pool try working hard in your English

      • hm so i went to Nairobi for my danish visa danish visa means denmark visa if you say denmark visa it dose not make sents i state their for 2 days and1 night 😉 .

  5. Rahul Doshi said:

    I migrated to a hotel called Lantana Galu Beach to have fun and to have a good holiday. I migrated by car with my parents and cousins. The changes I had were that we had a villa which had a larger space than my house, there were two big swimming pools, better food quality (restaurant), etc.. The challenges I faced were that I could not take everything to the hotel, so some of my dear things like games that I really, addictedly liked (carrom) had to stay home. So all I could do was normally watch TV, swim at the pool, and play on my iPad. It may seem enjoyable, but, without reading I’m always bored. I also went to Wasini to snorkel and scuba-dive (fun-dive). I saw marine animals migrating, similarly to humans; animals were moving to find food, to find a better territory to live in, etc..

  6. I went to reef hotel to relax ,enjoy and set my mind away from my problems.

  7. This week I am going to migrate to wasini island then sleep in shimoni its a camp site then on Monday we will go for a game drive with my family in shimoni eat lunch there then drive back home.

    I am looking forward for this trip because I am going to swim with the dolphins.

    Congrats Rahul you posted your first blog now you and pranay are flyers on the blog.

  8. Moraa Siika said:

    I haven’t yet migrated. When my dad comes, I might, but for now I have not migrated.

  9. I have not migrated yet.

  10. I’m at my house 24/7 unless going to Hollywood Bowl counts.

  11. Yesterday,my dad showed me the migration of flamingos in the newspaper.Due to the heavy rain,Lake Nakuru became flooded so there was no food for flamingos so they migrated to Lake Naivasha.

  12. Sarah Cochu said:

    I will go to Lamu on Thursday but I have not migrated yet.But I think that the opportunities are going to be of me discovering new food,cultures,e.t.c.

  13. Tiana Vora said:

    Sorry, even I have not migrated yet.

  14. Rahul Doshi said:

    Jai! You are really burning and on fire!¡ Thanks for putting energy into my blog post. 34 comments.

  15. sarah rishad said:

    I wont tell you where I have migrated its a surprise but I am resting in the beach looking in the sky also teaching mom meditation she is loving it reading books playing with my lovely Teddy bear Sonia me and her are touring the place I have migrated its so much fun I also missing you guys and Mr Chad like always in my bubble catcher I have alot to show I can’t wait I am so curious

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