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E portfolio

Thank you to Pranay for adding to our blog over the break. He is a true flyer and a very wise person.

I think it is time for you to set up your own private blog. We are going to call it an E portfolio. Please follow the following steps to set up your own blog. You must all use the address that I give you when you sign up. Once this is done I will then link your blog to our class blog. This way you can go to our class blog and then click on your link which will take you to your own blog. This will take some time to learn and getting use to. I hope by December that you will be using your own blog by writing posts, uploading photos and video of you and of your learning. I will show you how to do all of this of course.

E portfolio stands for Electronic Portfolios. A lot like hard copy portfolios but we can make them much more interactive through technology. We can add the learning you do to your blog. This is a really exciting opportunity to expand your learning and learn more about technology.

First Step

Go to this website: wordpress.com

It will take you to this screen. Click on the orange button which says Get Started.


Second Step

Add your personal information. Email address. Username (your first name only). Password. Blog address.
The blog address for our class is: concentricthinking.wordpress.com
You must make your blog address like this.
Your first name, first initial of family name, the current year
example: pranayh2013.wordpress.com


Third Step

Click on the free blog button. DONE!
Once you have set everything up email me your wordpress address. Once you do this I will add you to our class blog.

Fourth Step

Go into your dashboard. This is what happens behind the front page of your blog. Click on setting which is near the bottom on the left hand side. Now click on discussion. Look at the red ring below. Make sure these boxes are NOT ticked. This means when someone makes a comment it will automatically appear without you having to approve it first.


Our target is to have 23 links to each of your own blogs. Once this is done I will then show you how to make your own posts. By having a blog you are publishing your writing, sharing your learning and recording your learning journey that you will have forever.

Pranay is the first to have set this up. This is what it will look like. It is under blog roll. If you click on Pranay it will take you straight to his own blog.



Comments on: "E portfolio" (12)

  1. Sarah Cochu said:

    Now I know how to make a blog.

  2. Thanks sir for showing me how to make a blog.

  3. Pranay Hira said:

    This was cool. I have already started making mine. And what theme did you use?

  4. I already made a blog.It’s about my opinions on things, things that I think are funny, etc. It’s called theworldofjaimorjaria.wordpress.com. Please check it out.

  5. Sir is it okay if we do posts that are not related to learning like rants and things?(just as side posts).

  6. Always internet was bad connnect in apartment. Also Safaricom. Tomorrow I consult with mr.chad.

  7. Moraa Siika said:

    Thank you for the opportunity to have our own blogs. I have sent you an email, with my blog address. Thank you.

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