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Ping Pong

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Saloni and Zaena were outstanding today when they were thinking about who they are as readers and writers. They were discussing, defending and convincing each other why and where they think they should be on the reading and writing continuum. I overheard their conversation and it was obvious how honest and accurate they were before just highlighting any indicator. It was a lot like a ping pong game. The ball being the ideas and their thinking was being hit over the net time and time again. Saloni would come up with an idea and hit it the ball to Zaena. This would make Zaena think a bit more about what she was thinking about and then throw another idea back to Saloni. I felt like a spectator. I was watching a flowing conversation of ideas going back and forth between two ping pong players. Together they were able to lift and expand on their own understanding about who they think they are as readers and writers.



Comments on: "Ping Pong" (11)

  1. It is right like the table tennis.

  2. Saloni and Zaena, you guys are amazing. You set an example. Pranay and I were also doing this with our time-management and organization skills. We did it in our bubble-catchers

  3. You guys were amazing! You’ve been working on this since yesterday and the way you guys were discussing was pretty impressive. Keep it up!

  4. Sarah Cochu said:

    Saloni and Zaena are amazing.They always record things in their bubble catcher and it shows that they put alot of effort in their work.They are the people who we should look up to and think how can I push my learning further.

    • Sarah, you too are on the verge of being just like them. We would love to see you step up and be more confident in sharing your thinking too. The problem is we never really get to see it. Show us who you are. Stop holding back.

    • I have been to your blog. I have made three comments to it. Make sure you go to the class blog and follow those steps so it is easier to read comments. I really like your passion!

  5. Saloni and Zeana are totally amazing I really liked they where discussing and compring and adding to help each other in there kryptonite.If there was anything ontop of flyer they would be there for the rest of the year.

  6. moraa Siika said:

    Well done to Zaena and Saloni. It is the same people. They are always their learning further. They are wise and independent learners. We want more Zeds in the world, not numpties. We want a numpty free world. They take in ” Knowledge is power”

  7. Saloni and zaena always set an example and impression on us.keep it up guys.I never realised the bubble catcher holds so many secrets for us all.Its a real good habit to take notes of our thinking and working and later putting in action.

  8. Saloni Patel said:

    Thank you everyone I really appreciate your comments. Hopefully we soon will be seeing 23 pictures on the blog of students being independent and using their time wisely.

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