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Migration – Beyond Africa


Attached are some examples of people migrating beyond Africa. These examples will help you with your home learning and offer you some new ideas on what you could inquire into, if you are interested to learn more.

This below story is a real story of a farmer living in rural Mexico moving to the United States to earn more money. You will need to read the subtitles, but I encourage you to read and learn more about this amazing story of migration. The compass is everywhere in this story! You will feel for the family – very touching.

Chinese people migrating to Australia.

What other examples of human migration can you research on your own?


Comments on: "Migration – Beyond Africa" (19)

  1. Thank you Mr.chad.

  2. Mr. Chad, thank you for searching hard for these videos. They are really informative!

  3. Saloni Patel said:

    Mr Chad your videos are really nice. You were right, the Mexico video is really touching. I think the most informative video was the first one. I have taken down notes in my bubble-catcher.

  4. Mr. Chad the video of the Mexican person i did it in my home learning but thanks for doing this work for us. đŸ˜‰

  5. Mr.chad these video is easy to understand for me.

  6. I liked the videos because they where easy to understand.my most favorite one was the 2nd one it was almost like the one I downloaded on my blog.

  7. The videos were so touching especially the mexican one.

  8. mr chad thanks for the videos it really help this videos that you have posted gives us knowlegde and information

  9. Sarah Cochu said:

    These videos really help me understand migration and it helps for the A3 out side of Africa paper.

  10. Moraa Siika said:

    These videos have shifted my understanding of migration. This is the information I have gathered: Push factors are things that motivate you to move. These are examples of push factors: Social- If the society is making you leave. Cultures being racist. A lot of discrimination. Political- War. Government not recognizing rights. Strikes because of the government. Environmental- cause no food. Natural disasters. Droughts, which Pull Factors are things that make you want to live somewhere. These are examples of pull factors: Social: Freedom- To be able to say what you want, without being scared. Being equal. Political: Rights being accepted. Justice- If somebody does something wrong, they get a fair punishment. These are all the push and pull factors in moving.

  11. These videos are really good and the mexican one is so touching i almost cried but i took control and didnt cry, I wrote 10 pages wich is really tiring but i am trying.

  12. The videos are very informative especially the mexican one. it touched me and i leant more about migration

  13. Interesting Mr Chad I see that you have but beautiful knowledge videos thanks and you are right the Mexico is interesting butbi forgot to note down in my bubble catcher and I forgot what it was on Saturday I will watch peaceful and note down points and ideas in my bubble catcher I think I was not a flyer I was a numptie:( because I did not follow what wehad to do I think I will fight till I prove I am innocent and I am a flyer by Mr Chad saying Ruby you are on fire that will be my proof right Mr chad

  14. Pranay Hira said:

    The video on Christopher Columbus has really helped me and my group a lot. It was our starting point and it is about his voyages. That was his third one.

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