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Riko is new to English. Learning a new language in a new country is very challenging for anyone when they move from one place to another. Maybe she could inquire to the changes, challenges and opportunities of her moving to Kenya for her inquiry.

Riko is proving that she is trying to learn English at home to strengthen her confidence and communication skills. A video would be an even better way to measure her growth when it comes to her communication skills in English.

What other creative things or ways are you doing to prove you are committed to your Kryptonite and improving on your weakness?


Comments on: "Riko" (15)

  1. Wow…. Riko you are learning english and you can read almost fluently and even in school i notice that these days you talk a lot to the class and Mr.Chad well done riko good on you, and i hope you become even better.

  2. well done Riko keep it up one day you will know first class english like us. I am 99% sure you will acheive your goal in your krptonite i am sure for you this country and laungage is difficult for you but you bwill manage it like a brave agakhan student

    • I am working on my krptonite that’s writing I think Mr Chad and 5k will lead me to a safe journey on achieving my goal and I am sure I will be bright as a writer right Mr. Chad will you help me to achieve my goal

  3. Sarah Cochu said:

    These I can see that Riko is trying so hard to improve her English.I am working on my kryptonite (which is presenting)with Moraa and Nicole.This is what we have been doing for the past weeks,one of us presents the others write comments and after they have presented the others share their sweet and sour feedback.Then we look at our comments and then the next kryptonite period we try to do better.

  4. ruby nice job you are steping up on your english skills

  5. Moraa Siika said:

    I noticed that Riko cares about her kryptonite. When she is in class and out of class, Riko tries to speak in English. She uses a translator to understand, she reads English books and speaks in English. Another thing she can do, is sit by herself and read a book. Once she’s understands the book, she can sit with a friend and read the book with expression. She can also speak to the class using the best English she can speak. Well done Riko! You’ve come such a long way!

  6. Saloni Patel said:

    Incredible Riko! You are really committed in your kryptonite.

    As we all know my kryptonite is the writing process and I have been writing complex words in a book. Now I have come up with another way which is asking people the most complex words they know and using them in my stories.

  7. well it is no surprise Riko is always flying and committed even if it was just home learning she would still continue and get better.my kryptonite is presenting and speaking I practice two times every week by presenting or debating to my older sister

  8. WOW RIKO!
    You always put time an effort I what ever you do.
    The first time when you came to this school you could not speak a lot of English but now you can communicate I English.

  9. Good job Riko! You have stepped up!

    I will prove that I am committed to my Kryptonite by submitting weekly timetables and e-mail Mr. Chad photographs of my daily to-do lists

  10. Pranay Hira said:

    I have noticed that you are wayy better than the suckerfish.

  11. Riko! You have really stepped up and improved :-)! You are now maybe even better than some numpties and suckerfish………..

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