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A new way

Today you thought about the direction you want to take your inquiry. Now, you have a clear idea of how you are going to use your inquiry time (at school and home) over the next 2 weeks.

This is the inquiry card you did today on our map.

photo (21)

There is home learning for this week. Next week will only be a very light week of home learning, so you can use this time for your inquiry.

You have many different ways to choose from when it comes to showing your product of your learning. Here are all the different ways:


As you can see I have highlighted the viewing and presenting section. You need to see examples of what good looks like. You know what a recount is and what a debate is. If you choose to do on of these will still help you of course. What you don’t know is how to present a cool poster or illustration.

This is the old way of making a poster:

These take a long time and really a lot of it is simply copied from books and the internet.


Here some examples of what good looks like. I can help show you how to create something like this.

So if you choose to create a poster or illustration, think more like this as a better and more creative way to present your inquiry.

These are ways to show your product of learning. This would be you hook to spark a conversation and have the opportunity to explain more about your inquiry. Remember less is more. The less you have on your poster the more you get to actually talk about.

As you are presenting you will still need to explain the following things and how it all relates and connects with your inquiry.

The process of your learning will be in your X book and bubble catcher. This is where you record you questions, ideas, thinking and learning. This is where the magic happens. This is what is really important. The product is just a way to summaries your learning journey!

Ayann and I worked on these two examples today. It took us about 10 minutes to do each one. I know you guys could do an even better job.









Comments on: "A new way" (21)

  1. Saloni Patel said:

    Mr Chad this is what you call a poster. It has very little words but a strong meaning. The strings that are all over our map look really cool. Now we can learn and read about the migrations of different people. This process would be really fun as we can make connections with other migrations.

    • A very thoughtful comment Saloni. Not surprising, it is you we are talking about. Something I want everyone to understand is that ‘Less is More!’ If there is too much going on or the visual is too busy then it detracts from what the visual is trying to communicate or express. The most effective visuals are the ones that are simple and to the point. Remember, this is just the product that summarises the learning journey. It is what comes out of your mouth to explain your thinking and learning that matters. The product is the hook to bring in your audience. The way you communicate and share understanding is what proves that you really did learn more deeply about your inquiry.

  2. Posters like these are much more powerful than the posters with to much text.As you say less is more.

    • I am glad that you picked up on the “Less is More” statement. You got the true meaning of what I was talking about in the blog post. This is a sign of a good reader as you understood what the message was really about. I hope these examples give you some ideas on what you could do when you are ready to design. Right now, everyone should be finding out and researching. The product comes later. The focus right now is all about the process.

  3. This is really awesome way to actually do a poster, i am going to do an illustration in the category of viewing and presenting i am going to do photo albums of me my family and friends, I already know that it stands out for me really well because I can show pictures when i was younger.

    • First thing: Please use a capital I when writing. Second thing: I really liked reading your post. An illustration is a drawing or sketch. A photo is photography. Please choose to focus on one migration path. Which path are you going to choose to do. I think it is really great that you are choosing to inquire into your own life. You will be able to examine each of the compass points really well as you have experienced this first hand.

  4. Moraa Siika said:

    Thank you for these examples of viewing and presenting. My inquiry is about me. I will be focusing on viewing and presenting. As I take my inquiry further, I will focus on these words: Knowledge is Power and Less is more.

    • You defiantely picked up on the strongest two messages in the blog post. How are you going to show it exactly?I think that choosing you for your inquiry was really smart. I also get to learn more about your life and the changes, challenges and opportunities that you have experienced. Keep showing me what you do everyday so I can guide you and we can bounce ideas off each other.

  5. Actually z and I are doing a poster and we are also thinking of doing a recount .

    The map really looks cool now with all the strings attached to it.

    • I think that working in a pair and having two things as your product is fair. One person can take a lead on each and then share with each other so it relfects both of you thinking and learning. A recount and a poster will really make your product strong. The process is the most important things. Z is a great team player. You are very smart to be working with someone like her to drive things forward. I know how well you worked with Rahul last time, so I know that you can cooperate and bring out the best in Z too.

  6. thank you sir for showing us how to make a poster the creative way it really impacted me in positive way

    • How? Explain further about why you think the way you do. Please use a capital letter and the beginning of your sentence and a full stop at the end. How many times am I going to have the say the same thing?
      As you are working with three people, you should each do one product each. This way you will all be responsible for something. You can all share the process and learning journey, but you also need to do something on your own too. Have a think about what each memeber can do to add and stregnthen your learning!

  7. Thank you Mr.chad for putting the example of the poster. I knew what kind of poster I should make with this.

  8. That was a cool poster you showed us.I think I want to focus on my dad and his roots from lamu to Mombasa.And my mum and her roots from Zanzibar.I intend to make a powerfull and engaging to our compass a beautifull poster showing our future as well.

  9. I think the map is very useful because we can see the exact route of the people we are researching on.

    I will be doing research on Marco Polo. I will be focusing on speaking. I have teamed up with Talal on this.

  10. This is called a poster I think I wont do it like it first I would plan how I want it than I will think like a thinker than make my poster this poster would show what knowledge and how creative I am maybe I would rise above till I will face challenges like senior school its not a joke it will be tough so I choose to be alone so I could plan and see how knowledge I am

  11. Pranay Hira said:

    This was great guys. Keep it up. Refer to the map everyday. I do it. Then you should do it. It was also a great opportunity to see where other travelers had traveled to. It was a nice experience.

  12. i will realy be intrested in bird migration mr chad it sounds in tresting

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