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Your 2 best friends

Your best friends over the next two weeks (well, the whole year) are your bubble catcher and X-book. I really hope that you continue using a bubble catcher beyond year 5!

In your bubble cather you will:

  • Write your to do list so you know what you need to do and will do it;
  • Record any websites or notes that may help you;
  • Record new ideas or connection you make;
  • Write anything to remind yourself to be more organized and preapred.

In your X-book you will:

  • Record any information that helps you better understand your inquiry;
  • Glue in photos or pictures that connect to your inquiry;
  • Add thinking, make plans or sketches to show the way you have been thinking;
  • Summarise, paraphrase and write any information down that is important to know and will guide your learning.

Both of these friends will make sure you are giving your best and following a specific process. If you do these things well, I will know that you will be giving yourself the best possible chance to take your learning further.

Something you are going to do is make a TO DO list every day at school. The you are going to make sure you follow that to do list when you get home. The next day (first thing in the morning) you are going to have to prove that you did the things you say you would do. Three other people in the room will check your work by writing: “This work has been checked and I can see the evidence of learning.” And then sign their name to it. This will make you all accountable for your learning.

Watch the below video and see how students from my last school did this. They are not talking. They are writing. They took things seriously and this is why they all become indpendent learners. Watch and learn from the best. They were once like you. Now, they are flying!

These students were in the Exhibition when we were doing this. This is what I wrote on the class blog last year. We will also be doing this when you are in the Exhibition, consider this your early training! Students have been working on making choices and plans of what they need to do in their exhibition. Before they go home students write a “to do” list of the things they are going to work on that night. The next morning they have to prove that they did the things they wrote by showing evidence of their learning. They need to share and show their evidence with 3 other students. Their work is checked and then “signed off” as been completed. A great conversation for students to have to hold them accountable for their learning!

How will doing something like this help you do the things you say you will do?


Comments on: "Your 2 best friends" (30)

  1. Comprehension

  2. Saloni Patel said:

    The thought that somebody is checking my work constantly will make me do things. I will also become organized and particular.
    I have now decided to make a To DO list book which is separate from my bubble catcher as I have learnt the importance of To Do list (you cannot forget to do your work, so you become PARTCULAR and cannot also forget to take your work, so you become ORGANISED).

    • Good reply Saloni. Let’s talk about the extra book. We don’t want too many books for different things. I think the bubble catcher is really good for making the to do list. Have a good think about it to come up with the best way to manage everything.

  3. A To Do list helps me to remember all that i intended to accomplish

  4. I think these children is great. I think these children is flyer.Because these children are think what should do in oneself.

    • You are right Riko! These kids were amazing. I’m trying to get you to become more like this. This is what an independent learner looks like. This is how they act. This is how they learn. This is what they do. I am hoping for 24 comments on this post. One from each child. Everyone needs to watch this video so they can see what I am talking about. The ones that don’t watch it are the ones that really need to be more like this. Start to take control of their learning.

    • no offense but these children is a flyer is. is for one person. 😉

  5. Moraa Siika said:

    By checking other people’s work, we will be giving them a light push, not too soft, but not too hard. We get to share our thinking, and show our work.

  6. By doing this it helps me to do the things I said I’ll do because I look at this idea as something that helps me organize and plan out my day.

  7. The to do list really helps me because i’m quite forgetfull so when I refere to my bubble catcher I see my to do list and quickly but carefuly do what I wrote. the bubble catcher helps me because when I make a connection or have a problem, or an idea I write it down.If I have a problem I normally think really hard to find a way to solve it.that is why I love problems and challenges,you have to think really hard.

  8. lutfiwelton said:

    These children are always flying like a bird so high they are really well behaved. 😉

  9. By checking each others work it is a chance to see if they have done it or not it is EVIDENCE.

  10. I like this idea Mr. Chad. I make a list of things to do at school and this helps me to remember my list when I go home in the evening. Having 3 people go through my work sounds a little bit scary but it will help me get others peoples ideas and thoughts. They could think about things in a different way to what I had thought.

  11. I like this idea. We can PROVE with EVIDENCE that we have done the things that are on our to-do lists. We can also look back and reflect on these at the end of the year to see how much we’ve progressed in terms of to-do lists

  12. samia juma said:

    This can help me a lot because I sometimes forget things.It’s also good for me because when three people go through my work they know that I really work and I don’t play around.I really want to know what people think of me as a learner.

  13. My friends are the same mostly is my bubble catcher because i write i plan and i put my ideas through my journey in year 5 will have experience just like my bubble catcher example I am a mother I would show my kids what I did in year 5 and say oh yah i remember i was the champion in maths I will keep it close to my heart and I will never forget Mr Chad because through my journey I faced challenges and me and Mr Chad would solve it like partners

  14. I think the to do list is really helpful and it inks to time managment and responsibility so that we can remember things wich is being responsible and to do it at the right time wich is time managment skills. The to do list really helps me because sometimes i completley forget TO DO things so sometimes i get scolded with my mum or teachers. Thats why i think a to do list is a really good way to control yourself.

  15. Pranay Hira said:

    My bubble catcher is my best non-living friend. Well, it is alive when I righting in it, I know you people wanted to say something, and when I look through it to search for information. It is like a mini internet for the things I need. I look forward to have one in year 6. It would be very useful.

  16. Pranay Hira said:

    I don’t really use my X-Book

  17. That class was very good at showing there work

  18. Sir, I can see you went under the pseudonym “Sam Sheratt”!

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