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Procedure – uploading video and photos

1. Go to flickr.com and sign in:
2. upload photo or video to the computer
3. click on the upload button in flickr and press the large pink button
4. click on upload and then upload to photostream
5. select photo/video and click on the box with the arrow jumping out of it
6. click on the three dots then right click on WORDPRESS. Click on COPY LINK LOCATION
7. go to blog, new post. Make sure you are on the TEXT TAB. Not visual.
8. paste link into blog and write your post explaining more about it
9. Make sure you add a category to the blog post
10. Press publish
11. Remember (think Sarah) less is more; one photo or video with a comment that connects to it.


Comments on: "Procedure" (5)

  1. Thank you Mr.chad.

  2. Moraa Siika said:

    This will lift and expand my learning, because I can share my thinking on my blog. I can upload videos and photos, which is the key, waiting to unlock a door to creative learning.

  3. This will lift and expand my thinking, because I can start to be more creative, understanding and planning and creativity will all be on my blog, and thanks Mr.Chad.

  4. this will lift our brains and flout away and starting to fly

  5. Thank you, Mr Chad (or Pranay πŸ™‚ ). Giving us these instructions give us more tech and logic smart. πŸ™‚

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