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Are you on Target?

Target Practice

Have you used your time well? Are you on target? Will you be ready to work on your product next week?

The BIG question… “Have you been focusing on all the things that must be contained in your inquiry?” These things are the things I am looking for when you explain your learning journey.

Look carefully at the calendar. Use this as a way to manage your time to ensure that you will be ready by next Friday. In the real world, you will be expected to get things completed by a certain time. Consider this your training. Your teachers are expecting you to be ready to explain and show your learning and understanding by next Friday. If looking at this calendar worries you a little, then you are in luck. You have time to get back on track. If you are feeling comfortable and confident about the time you have left, then you just keep doing what you are doing.


This week is all about developing your research skills. Read each one carefully. Record in your bubble catcher the ones that you have been really focusing on. Record the ones that have been easy for you and why? Record the ones that have been difficult for you and why?

Formulating questions: identifying something one wants or needs to know and asking compelling and relevant questions which can be researched

Observing: using all the senses to notice relevant details

Planning: developing a course of action; writing an outline; devising ways to find out necessary information

Collecting data: gathering information from a variety of sources, such as measuring, maps, polls, surveys, direct observation, resource books, films, people and exhibitions

Recording data: describing and recording observations, by drawing, note taking, making charts, tallying, writing statements

Organizing data: sorting and categorizing information; arranging into understandable forms such as, narrative descriptions, tables, timelines, graphs and diagrams

Interpreting data: drawing conclusions from relationships and patterns which emerge from organized data

Presenting research findings: effectively communicating what has been learned; choosing appropriate media


Comments on: "Are you on Target?" (23)

  1. i think i ame on target because i made a to do list without anyone telling telling me to. πŸ˜€

  2. The research skills that I have used is asking my dad.My dad is a good source of information. When I ask him a question he answers it right there or he researches and tells me what he got.Another research skill is youtube.Mr.Chad remember when I showed you the video about the syrians fleeing the country because of war.This has helped me allot because I have got so much information.

  3. I am on target because I am following the list an I am trying to go deeper.

  4. Have you used your time well?
    Are you on target?
    -Yes.Because I wrote to do list on my bubble catcer, to do list is almost all check.
    Will you be ready to work on your product next week?

  5. lutfiwelton said:

    I yes I am on target the first picture is related to my research and I follow my secret to do list but I don’t do my (to don’t list) and i am going deeper in my research so deep where you can explode you should see my research it’s a surprise that’s why I don’t say it or write and I have hit my target in the middle. πŸ˜‰

  6. I am on target on and gathering and collecting information from dad and cross checking it with my grandpa and tapping it in my bubblecatcher and practising my presentation.Actually you have made life easier like the iceberg for us to follow.I try and lay my hands on every detail dad gives me.

  7. Saloni Patel said:

    I am on target because I have finished my research and I am now going to work on my product. I am also on target because I have planned about my summative and I know what I am supposed to do.

  8. samia juma said:

    I think I am going to hit my target because I have already found out what to put in my video.I am going to start my product the day after tommorrow.

  9. Moraa Siika said:

    I could not start my inquiry, until I interviewed my mum or dad. My parents were out of town. Today, I was able to interview my dad, on why we moved to England. Now, I’m on target. I think I have used my time well, because I have a plan on what my poster will look like, and the information.

  10. I am on target because I research lot on my inquiry and record in my bubble catcher.I am also on target because I follow my to do list.

  11. I am on target because I am using my bubble catcher I am using my x book a lot and I have nearly finished my research and I am focusing on my time but I do have to give my dad some credit he is quizzing me nearly every night. ☺️

  12. I am on target because I am writing and doing my to-do lists(well, not all of the list but almost all of the list)

  13. I am on target because i just need to research more about challenges, opportunities and effects. Then I will begin my plan.

    • Perfect Nicole. Be very detailed and specific about the opportunities and challenges and effects. I would prefer fewer factors or reasons with lots of detail instead of lots of reasons with very shallow thinking.

  14. Rahul Doshi said:

    I am on target because I have found all the research I need, and now I know exactly what to do now and what to add in my product. I am on target because I think I am independent, wise, and Person A in this project.:-)

  15. I am on target because now we are on prodect and just need to reaserch more.

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