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When we have the opportunity to explain our thinking we automatically make connections. These connections happen in many different ways.

  • We connect with people in a way that we are getting them to see what we see. Shift their thinking.
  • We connect with ourselves because we deepen our own understanding of what we are explaining. Shift our thinking.
  • We connect with our learning as a way of building more confidence and believing in what we are communicating. Lift our learning.

I really value the word connection. Why? Because it moves us, it shifts our thinking from one place to another.

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If this is not happening, then what is actually happening? It is just busy work. Busy work keeps us busy like a working bee. Nothing really happens though. It is hands on.

When we are making connections it is minds on.

Which is more important to you and why? Minds-on or hands-on?


Comments on: "Connecting" (14)

  1. i hade some y6 come to me

  2. Moraa Siika said:

    In my perspective, minds-on is more important. Minds-on is more important, because it starts the whole thinking process. Without minds-on, there would be no hands-on. We need to think about the connections, before we write anything

  3. My perspective minds-on is more important to me because you have to think about all the different things.Minds-on because if we are not thinking than we can’t do hands-on.

  4. samia juma said:

    I think minds-on is more important because that is the main part of the thinking process.

  5. Which is more important to you and why?
    -I think that it is important.
    Because it is a weak point that tell in English, I think that it is important for me to talk in English with a grade sixth(I need).
    Minds-on or hands-on?

  6. I am better on minds on because it helps me deepen my learning and make questions perspectives and opinions and connections.

  7. From my perspective, minds-on is more important because I tend to integrate things more mentally than physically.

  8. Im so sorry nixs 7 is me nicole.

  9. Rahul Doshi said:

    I think minds-on is more important. When we have minds-on, we have hands-on, too. Without our minds on, our hands will not be on, too. Our hands will be off, in dreamworld/Numptyland fidgeting around. Our mind controls our hands. With our minds being wise, our hands will be used wisely, too. We need our minds on to have our hands on.

  10. As Rahul said that minds-on is like if you have a mind which is working you have body which is working, but if you have a mind and it is not working then your body does not work.

  11. I think minds on is more important than hands on but hands on is still important because how will you get any thing built a good thing they do at school for hands on is art and hand crafted projects

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