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Pure Wisdom

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If you want to be more committed then it needs to come from the heart. Do this bit by bit and soon you’ll develop a routine or habit and your commitment will become a way of life.

What commitments are you going to turn into a routine or habit. What do you need to change?


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  1. It is my commitment to wake up earlier.

  2. I need Judgement. This is because it is Judgement that is necessary when there is not it or decides whether it is necessary to take responsibility

  3. Sory. I made mistake.

  4. I will be more committed in home learning, to do list , signing in, and reading a book in the morning.

  5. I will be committed in my…………
    1) Homelearning
    2)To do list
    3)Sign in

  6. To commit to list
    -Finishing my home learning
    -My to-do list
    -Posting things on my E-Portfolio(I have been off activity for a while!)

  7. my commitment
    -finishing home learning
    -follow my to do list
    -posting things on my blog

  8. I will be committed to be a wise person always,signing in ,listening to the instruction,always doing the right thing say you are late and you have things to do I won’t sit and pretend I know what to do I would go to Mr Chad and ask him what to do even if he scolds me I won’t mind because he is trying to explain to you that you need good time management like meh wish was annoyed with Mr Chad saying he told me off infront of everyone just because I did not sign in she said I will tell my mom to take me somewhere else from this school what he did was right he just explained to the class and I would not mind if I was mehwish he just scold me so what’s the difference and mehwish sorry I told what you told me I was just teaching the class no ways it’s only being scolded

    • Saloni Patel said:

      Ruby be aware of full stops. I don’t think Mehwish is going to like this comment.

    • Ruby its not nice to write someone’s personal things on the blog.
      You are embarrassing Mhewish.
      Make sure to put full stops.

  9. I need to be more committed into these things:
    To do list
    Home learning
    Morning routine
    Signing in

  10. Moraa Siika said:

    The strongest statement for me, is “Commitment is from the heart, not the mind.” To me, that’s the strongest statement, because you need to look forward to your commitment. My commitments:
    I need to do home learning as well as possible.
    I need to make a To Do List everyday.
    I need to sign in everyday.
    I need to get used to the morning habit/routine.

  11. Saloni Patel said:

    I commit that I am going to improve on my time-management skills and have better organization skills. I also commit that I will do my inquiry on Friday well as I really care about my passion and I want to start passion projects.

  12. samia juma said:

    My commitment is to do my best on friday.

  13. I should be more committed to doing my home learning well,following my to do list and working more on my kryptonite.I should also be committed to help my inquiry group do a really good job.

    • Excellent guys! These are really good things to show a commitment in. Moraa made a very strong connection about a commitment coming from the heart. I really enjoyed reading all your thoughts!

  14. I should be more committed by doing the following things:
    .By doing my home learning creatively and thoughtfully
    .My to do list
    . Signing in

  15. You are right Salonica I shouldn’t have said that. I am sorry mehwish I was just putting it an example for the class.sorry I hurt your feelings

  16. It is Saloni not Salonica.

  17. I should be more committed to:
    Time management skills
    To do list and sign in
    Get used to the morning routine.


  18. Rahul Doshi said:

    I will be more committed in my home-learning as I sometimes get a bit lazy when doing it, the morning routine to make it a habit and easily remember what to do, etc..
    I also want to be committed in my commitments!

  19. Pranay Hira said:

    I think I need to change watching The Penguins of Madagascar to show lots of attention to my to do list and my home learning. It will be hard for me because watching The Penguins of Madagascar is a habit for me.

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