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Commitment to Learning

Knowledge is power!

Learning is all about learning from each other to shift our thinking.

Do you think they know what they are talking about? Are they ready to explain (the things that must be contained) in their inquiry?

  • If you think they do know what they are talking about, explain why…
  • If you think they don’t know what they are talking about, explain why…

Let’s give sweet and sour feedback, so they learn from this and know what they need to do to lift, expand, connect and transfer their knowledge and understanding. It is all about shifting our thinking from one place to another. Did they shift your thinking by listening to what they had to say?


Comments on: "Commitment to Learning" (27)

  1. Rahul Doshi said:

    I think they have researched and paraphrased, but the information has not stayed permanently in their heads. It is not knowledge. I also think that Jai has been a little more committed, not a lot though, in their inquiry than Talal because Jai is speaking a lot more while Talal is only following along, sometimes speaking 8 word sentences when asked or being told to speak. They need to be more committed and more co-operative. Step up, Talal and Jai. This is also a good lesson to teach you to be more organized and committed.

  2. i think they should reel commitment.

  3. I think they haven’t researched enough to be ready they have to be more time managed.(you scratch my back I scratch yours).

  4. Moraa Siika said:

    “Increase commitment bit by bit. Soon you’ll develop a habit or routine, and your commitments will be a way of life.” Jai knew what he was saying. He would speak a lot. He looked very confident. Meanwhile, Talal didn’t look like he knew what he was saying. If Jai said something, Talal would just back him up, looking confused. The statement above, is saying, Don’t swallow things you can’t chew. Start off with something small, and increase it as you go along.

    • Moraa, you quoted the quote in your comment. That is very impressive. Did the compass points naturally come out? Did they touch on the challenges and opportunities? Did they discuss the impacts or effects? Were these things evident in what they were saying? I don’t think so.

      • Moraa Siika said:

        I agree with you, but I also disagree with you. In my perspective, Jai spoke well. But, the information they got, could not be explained clearly. Although Jai had information, he could not connect his information to the compass points. Talal didn’t explain like he understand what he was talking about. We are not picking on you two, we are putting positive pressure.

  5. Do you think they know what they are talking about?
    -Yes. Marco Polo.

    Are they ready to explain (the things that must be contained) in their inquiry?
    -Yes. Because they could answer all the questions.

    If you think they do know what they are talking about, explain why…
    -Because they explain it clearly, and they speak plain English for me. And because I explain it in detail.

    Did they shift your thinking by listening to what they had to say?

  6. I noticed that Talal was speaking a lot less than Jai .
    I think Talal does not know what hi is talking about because hi is mostly saying the same thing Jai says.
    I am not picking on you I am telling you.


  7. Jai and talal you have the information and you have paraphrased it but you don’t know what you are saying the knowledge is not in your brains i think you should type your speech print it out and practice with it. It will help you and I think use some of your time and practice I am worried how will you present it to the audience warning you have to practice!! I think you should organize your time

    • I’m worried too Ruby. I will need to work with them a lot tomorrow to help them. A true and good classmate is someone who can be honest.

  8. I think that Jai and Talal didn’t commit to their inquiry.It is a bit worrying because we had to week to do the inquiry.

    • Sarah, you are spot on! This is why you are ready for passion projects. The way you have stepped up and committed to your learning and developing good habits is a credit to you. I see everything you do!

  9. Well done Jai and Talal for trying.

    Jai seemed to know a lot more information than Talal. They need to be more confident in presenting their work. It looks like they have not thought enough about their inquiry. They need to practice a lot more if they want to attract their audience.

    • Yes, Tiana i agree with you because they need to learn a whole lot more about Marco Polo so that they can properly hook the audience in, Because the product will hook them alright! But will Jai and Talal speak words of truth and have pure integrity.

  10. Jai new what he was saying but the only mistake he made was when he talked about the athletes of Jamaica.To be honest Talal did not what he was saying because first he never spoke allot,the only time he spoke was repeating what Jai just said or just agreeing with Jai. Talal I am not trying to be rude that is what I honestly saw.


  11. samia juma said:

    I don’t think they were committed.I also think they didn’t have good time management because we had a week to get our product done so they should have at least written a speech and practiced.

  12. I agree with Moraa and I think that they need to research more and think about it more, I think Jai was more committed than Talal because when Jai stated i felt that his commitment had already increased a little bit.

  13. Saloni Patel said:

    Jai and Talal you really need to step up. You only have today and the weekend to gain knowledge and finish your product. The answers you gave didn’t connect to the questions but you tried. Talal you really need to be confident as Jai spoke more than you.

    • Oh believe you me Saloni, we are.

      • (Going to step up.)

      • Jai, the way you and Talal worked together today was really impressive. Thank you for emailing me the timelines today. I will print them out for you. I brought in my good flip camera. We can have another go filming your speech on Monday. I hope the posters we did will also help you understand that the product does not have to be a big deal.

        Please refer to the list of the things (inquiry guide) that you have in your X book. These are the things that you both need to explain to show that you have understood the central idea. This has been a really good test for you both too. You have been working on your speech (product) all week. You need to ask for help if you need some direction. This is what I encourage as this is why we have to do lists. What are the things you need to do? I think you need to do some more researching and connect it to push/pull factors, challenges and opportunities, and the impact he had using the compass points. All the things you have been learning about. I see that you are now trying and to use your words, “going to step up.” Good for you!

  14. I also think that they should have committed to their learning earlier, So that when we ask them questions the questions just shoot out of their mouths like they don’t even realize it but Jai i think your commitment has increased more than Talals because you spoke some words of meaning and truth.

  15. Plus Jai good for you for saying you and Talal will step up good for you.

  16. Remember Talal and Jai mr Chad is not being mean he is just being a good teacher and a friend by helping you

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