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Moraa found this video that connects to this week’s learning log. This is an expert talking about how females are not in “top” positions in the workforce.

Your thoughts, feelings, ideas…..?


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  1. Rahul Doshi said:

    I think women have a bit of an bit of an unfair SOCIETY and WELL-BEING. They need more equality (society) and they need to be treated better (well-being). NATURE and ECONOMY are connected too. Women aren’t paid the same amount of money (economy) and their unfair environment (nature) has to change. This is a very meaningful speech. The question is, will the speech become an action? Don’t say it, show it.

  2. Good video Moraa you are a true leader

  3. She was great. Because this woman remembered a sentence and she made the sentence that everybody could enjoy.

  4. I agree with Rahul and anyways it proofs you are a true leader and the video has information I think this video is for adults but well done Moraa!! More morass more yah I think mr chad is right when he sings the song

  5. Moraa Siika said:

    Out of 190 states in America, only 9 states are lead by women. Only 13% of the world is lead by women. I am not trying to build gender barriers, I am trying to break them. Girls and boys should work and play equally. We should accept and appreciate both genders!

  6. There is 190 states and only 9 women are leaders.Only 13% are leaders that are women.

  7. Its like she is fighting for the women to work.
    Just like Malala fought for girls going to school.

  8. i am learn ing so menu things.

  9. samia juma said:

    I think that females and males should be treated the same in all ways

  10. I think that all people no matter what gender you are to be treated fairly some people like women are also teased because they try to go for top jobs in the world but the Men or other women get teased, I made a connection when Zaena came to my house on a Saturday we where watching Barbie and the three musketeers, Barbie wanted to become a musketeer but everyone in the town started laughing at Barbie because they thought only Men could be musketeers but at the end of the movie barbie became a musketeer with three other people. This is why girls should be treated fairly its because in the end they will win.

  11. This has shifted my thinking because before I thought “Oh yeah, women are being treated unfairly, blah blah blah,” but now I know that women are being treated unfairly everywhere. Even, in the old days, out of king and queen, the king was dominant. In the days of Sparta, Sparta was ruled by two kings. And even though Athens had democracy rather than two kings, who went to the Pynx to vote? The men. So, as we can see, there has only been a minor change for women. I hope that in the future, women get the same treatment as men.

    • And out 9/190 states (converted into percentage, that would make 13 percent) are led by women. Our generation needs to DO something about it. Starting now. Do whatever you can. Post it on your Google+. Post it on your blog. E-mail to people that you have in your contacts that don’t look at this blog. If you have a Facebook, post it there. Do whatever you can. I’ll do it as well.

  12. Thanks Mr.Chad for the applauding comment.

  13. I think moral did an exceedingly good job in finding this video it must of changed the views of many women but I agree with her girls let go on things they care about for something else and let go when boys they just keep the pedal to the medal it’s all about never give up

  14. Moraa sorry Moraa it was autocorrect that did this

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