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Summative Assessment

How did things go for you today?

Were you confident, knowledgeable and expressive?

Is there anything you would do differently? What? Why?

Why do you think it is important to share your learning to a real audience?


Comments on: "Summative Assessment" (20)

  1. I thought I did well. No, I thought it was fine the way we presented. I think it was important because we’re preparing for the exhibition.

    • That’s right. Every little thing we do is one step closer to preparing you for the exhibition.

  2. TODAY It was a really nice experience for us.

    Well I think Z and I did a good job we explain but a little mistakes the first time.

    • Dishy, you and Z made a good team. The report you both wrote was very informative. You had out a lot if work into that.

  3. I think that I did well for presenting because I knew the knowledge and I knew what I was talking about. i had some difficulties for the grade 3’s because I had to explain a lot.

  4. How did things go for you today?
    -Very good.

    Were you confident, knowledgeable and expressive?
    -I have a little confident.

    Is there anything you would do differently? What? Why?
    -Yes. Theres product is very differently. Like book, there use computer, Poster etc.

    Why do you think it is important to share your learning to a real audience?
    -Yes. Bcause I prezent to audience my prezenting skill is up.

    I learned through this prezenting…
    Not hearing audience it when I do not speak loud voice because a many person talks at a same time (I spoked loud voice ). And not coming audience when I do not invite audiende.

  5. I think I did well in the product. I was confident, knowledgable and expressive. I knew my information so I was able to talk well. I could next time present the product differently. So far I have done a poster and a recount. What shall I do next? A real audience asks many questions that need to be answered. If I answer well and correctly, that means I know my product well.

    I have learnt the importance of knowledge. The more you learn, the better you present.

  6. samia juma said:

    I think today was really great because I knew my knowledge and I could speak in an understanding way.

  7. Saloni Patel said:

    I think I was amazing. I was speaking clearly and explaining all the things that must be contained in my inquiry. The part where I said “Before migrating to your class please drop me a comment” I think it helped me understand a lot more on how my presentation was like to the audience that was hooked in. I got sweet feedback saying that I was amazing. As I say knowledge is power. Next time I will make sure I am a bit more creative and maybe do a debate with me speaking with the audience.

  8. I think the summative was boring because the students were ignorant at least parents they would give you a tricky question to see if you have the knowledge in your brains and it would be fun because it would look like a exibhition. One thing to say why i said its boring is because they did not listen to the whole proceed and went away while I was speaking they were not listening busy playing with my model I requested them not to touch and listen but they were doing the opposite Mr Chad I hope I did not hurt your feelings I just wanted to say the truth and be honest I wanted to tell you what happened when it was time to present.

    For true tell me if I hurt your feelings or you have felt bad Mr Chad I would not mind but I will realize I did a mistake

    • Saloni Patel said:

      Ruby whatever audience we get we ahold appreciate and present our knowledge. It is better than having no audience.The more we present the more we become informative.

    • Ruby, being honest is the only way to be. I agree with you. People need to show more of a genuine interest and listen by engaging with the person presenting.

  9. Moraa Siika said:

    Today, I felt very relaxed. This was because, I had the knowledge pouring out. I had the information, and I didn’t memorize anything. I researched and recorded in my 2 best friends. When the year 3, 4 and 5’s came, I didn’t read. If I was to read, then I would be insulting their intelligence.

  10. I think i presented very well.
    I was slightly confident and very knowledge.
    I don’t think i could change my product and i liked it the way it was.(I disagree).
    I think it is important to share your learning with other people because you share your knowledge and they can easily tell if you’ve been using time or if you have been abusing time.(I agree).

  11. I think it is. Rey good to present because it gets us ready for the expedition and for the people that had presenting as there kryptonite it will help them and it also helps us because they will give us comment so how good we were and what we need to work on so we can fix it.

  12. I was going cool and calm at the summative, but a girl called Sarah Khan next door she said next time I should write a little more, But Mr. Chad when I wanted to tell you that there was always a class coming in so I had no time. Sarah Khan wanted me to be word heavy. I had some comments to track down what I needed to improve on and they were really sour, least of them were sweet.

  13. i think yersterday i presented well because i was’nt shy at all

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