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Our next unit is all about taking a lead and become more independent. It is not about adults doing and you watching. It is not about adults doing and you helping. It is about you doing and adults helping. It is about you doing and adults watching.

Today was a very positive and pleasing sign that if we (people) are organized it can empower us to achieve. It helps us do things. If we have the right attitude and the organizational tools to help us, we can achieve.

Together we achieved something. We organized our learning space so that it is easier to learn in, easier to access the things we need and it is a more open space to move around.

The challenge in your personal inquiry is to choose an area in your life that you need to organize better as a way to help you do things more effectively. You want you to take a lead. We want you to become more independent. We want you to accept more responsibility. And through your actions you can earn trust from the people around you. Earning trust takes time and is something you need to prove over time.

Do your parents trust you to do things that you know you should or have to do? Or do they nag you every day to do the same things over and over?


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  1. Both, actually. Sometimes my mind switches off and my mum keeps nagging me while half the time I get bored and hear ‘blah blah blah, blahhhh blahhh’. Other times when my mind is on I do my duties myself, like setting the table. I like it better when I take initiative and get acknowledged by my parents.

    • Yes, what you are talking about are different forms of motivation. Motivation can come from within you and you just do it. The other form of motivation you are talking about is coming from your parents who are asking you to do it.

  2. My parents not nag to me, but my parents said to me “You should do the study of the arithmetic every day.”.

    • There is a difference between a reminder and your parents nagging you to do the same thing because you keep avoiding it. A well organized person is someone that knows that to do and they do it. They have good self-management skills – time-management and organization. They are able to accept responsibility. This is how kids earn trust from adults. This is what it means to become more independent. I can’t see your parents nagging you to do things Riko.

    • Pranay Hira said:

      Whoa! I don’t even know what that means. And you study it! You should be in my group in maths.

  3. Pranay Hira said:

    My organization skills are pretty good now. It was my Kryptonite and, maybe, now, it is my strength. Organizing today was fun and sweaty.But is was worth it, wasn’t it?

  4. Yes and no because sometimes they see that I have been organized and they trust me, but other days it is like a repetitive song “did you clean up your room did you pray did you do your home learning” and they could go on for hours.

  5. Yes and no sometimes people give me responsibility also they trust and no because I have to repeat the same cycle and when I am annoyed I take my pillow or teddy bear to cover my ears can’t the cycle change a little bit. Today it took us 2 periods to clean the office now it’s not called that its called the passion project room but we did it I was the deliverer girl I carried books in a orange basket to throw them near the dustbin. I am proud for Khaleel, Talal,and Nawaf they cleaned the shelves if they do the same thing in studies they will be a flyer today I noticed that this three boys love cleaning I guess. At last we did the back room three cheers for the class.

  6. Saloni Patel said:

    I don’t need to be nagged I know what I need to do and I do it. It is a routine and habit for me to follow my timetable. That is why my parents and Mr Chad trust me with duties.

  7. Sometimes my parents and my older brother nag me to study,and sometimes they let me free and let me do my own learning no matter how wild it is ,at least I am still learning.Today was tiring especially for me, Talal and khaleel. I am not feeling very well right now because of the shocking amount of dust that was in those old ,smelly torn books.But it was worth it now the we can put all of our valuables ob the shelves and work in peace and quiet in the office.

  8. They trust me sometimes but, when i do something and they tell me to rub it it brakes my heart
    because i think that they don’t really trust so ,i start to tear up abit .

  9. lutfiwelton said:

    Chizybanana and my dad always tells me to read a book but i some times do it. 😦

  10. Moraa Siika said:

    My parents trust me to get on with it. I do my home learning independently, without my parents nagging me. I think I have really changed. When I was in Grade 4, my mum had to sign my diary and write a comment. Year 5 has really helped me be independent. My parents trust me, to be who I am now.

  11. My parents nag me about doing my homework because I keep playing (my passion)

    • Pranay Hira said:

      They should let you work by using your passion. You can make a video game that you play and it finishes your homework. You do this, and this, add a little touch here, put a camera there and…. I have no idea what I am designing. Maybe Ayaan could help you design a video game!

  12. Some times my parents nag me to pray,eat or shower and I do it.Most of the time I am just doing what I know i`m supposed to do.On the half term break I went to swahili beach.My elder brother shukri fell and got cut on his chin.When my mum and him went to the hospital my mum kept me in charge.We stayed in the room for one hour sleeping or watching T.V.My mum really trusted me.

  13. Pranay Hira said:

    Nawaf, Talal, and Khaleel. The person A’s. They found their passion out today. They would despise it if they here this, but they were meant for the job. Destiny made them clean the Junior School bathrooms. Now it brought them to organize the back room shelves. Congratulations!

  14. I thing every was helpful in that moment ecpacially for riko because whenever i needed help she was always there to just help and fly away like a true flyer even other people

  15. My parents do both because sometimes I am responsible and sometimes I forget to do things.

  16. Yes and no because sometimes my mum tells me to get up and make the table instead I ignore her by using my laptop too much, but when my dad tells me to make the table I go straight away because he can really shout at me.

  17. Well I love cleaning my house my study table making beds and setting the dining for guests.
    Some times I do it with a lot of effort but it gets messy I just have to work on that.

  18. Sometimes I get nagged to do things but mostly no sometimes my parents let me do what I need to do.

  19. i should be more organized on my work

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