i am me because of you


Are you experiencing comfort, discomfort or pain? What are you going to do about it?


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  1. I’m going to do experiencing.

  2. I’m comfortable so,that means i have to get out of my shell.

  3. I am in the discomfort zone because I am still getting used to the way Mr.Chad teaches .

  4. Moraa Siika said:

    I am comfortable, because I am getting used to 5K. I have changed in a positive way, because I put time into home learning and To Do Lists. Although, I need to feel discomfort. If I stay comfortable, I become stiff. I don’t take my learning further. You have to be uncomfortable to be comfortable.

    • I don’t think you will ever become “stiff” Moraa. You are always pushing yourself, not to the edge of pain, just discomfort. That’s a healthy position to be in so that you learn and grow.

  5. I have changed and comfortable in year 5 because I have good time managment and I am going to express my self about year 5 through my journey to year 6 I have a different way to study all the since four years its been boring now i have a amazing teacher and the way am studying I won’t over study because I will be over comfortable and then I will be over stiff and I become stiff I won’t enjoy the way I am studying. So I have to take my studys normal.

  6. HELLO i think the video was a video i like it i think i got to think reel deep i like it.

    Hello! I think I like the video as it shows the conversations people were having. This made me think deeply about stretching myself.

    I think I am comfortable right now. I am trying to push myself and I know I can give more. I need to stop walking around and wasting time. I need to concentrate on being more focused and finish the things that I start.

  7. I’m in the comfort zone because because I have not been doing things well lately. I think I need to get off this chair and get on a more uncomfortable chair because I haven’t been pushing myself.

  8. To Mr.Chad..men this Flickr is no go zone.i have to convince mum I bring my computer to school we work on it.

  9. Mr chad they is an offer you help me in Flickr and if its repaired you will get samosas with kitkats and a drink please say yes

  10. I am in the discomfort zone because i have to keep being uncomfortable to be comfortable, So when I begin being comfortable I will eventually get tired of being comfortable so then I will end up being uncomfortable again, It goes in a pattern discomfort to comfort, discomfort to comfort and so on.

  11. Pranay Hira said:

    I always go from here to here(low to high). Some comfortable, some not.

  12. Saloni Patel said:

    I experience different things at different times. When I experience comfort it is mostly in education. When I am comfortable at something I am good at it.

    When I experience discomfort I try to make it comfort, like when I was doing P.E today the heat was discomfortable, but I soon got used to it. Another example is when I started doi g long distances in swimming. I soon overcame it and got used to swimming long distances.

    At times I experience pain. On these situations I can never make things comfortable and it is no gain. One example is when I was really thirsty in P.E today and miss Jane never allowed us to have a drink. I kept on having pain and couldn’t be comfortable.

  13. I am 50% because I have experienced comfort and discomfort.For me to completely get out of my comfort zone I have to be committed to doing my home learning and follow my to do lists properly. I also have to be more organized and do my work more quickly ,and lastly I have to stick to my to be list, when I achieve all of those goals I will be in the discomfort zone ,and that will help me for the rest of my time in 5K , and maybe even my entire life.

  14. samia juma said:

    Sometimes I am in the comfort zone and the discomfort zone because there are some things that I am good at and some things that I am bad at.

  15. Sometimes I am comfortable and some times discomfort I have to get used to the world around me.

  16. I don’t think I am experiencing pain. I am in the middle of the comfort and discomfort zone. Half of my chair is wooden (uncomfortable) while the other half is made of soft, soothing, leather (comfortable). When I get do easy things/my strengths, I just get calm, peaceful, and comfortable. When my mind is on and ready to learn, I just research and try my best to reach my limits and show my true colours, and stretch.
    I hope we all experience this. We are not all in the discomfort zone. If we are in the zone, none of us have fully reached the end of our limits.

  17. sometimes i am comfortable sometimes i am not comfortable

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