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Watch this video about a man who has lived like this for the past 10 years. Our next unit of inquiry is all about organization, accepting responsibility, self-management skills and taking a lead to achieve things.

What are your thoughts about this video – part one? Share.

This video is at the other extreme. Her name is Alexandra and she is an expert in organization. It is her job to organize people’s lives to make them easier for them to life. What do you think? Do you think it is too much? Share.


Comments on: "Filthy James and Super Organized Alexandra" (19)

  1. For Filthy James, when he said he’s comfortable living in that house I thought ‘What? How can he be comfortable living in that revolting flat?!’ Also when he said he used to have dinner parties, I thought ‘How?! How can someone who lives THERE once be famous for dinner parties?!’ I am currently searching for parts 2 and 3 of Filthy James

    For Super Organized Alejandra(that’s her name), I thought ‘That’s so MUCH! How does she find the time to do all of that?!’ But I find this connects to our Learning Log because This is like the answer to Task B. Thank you for searching hard for these videos Mr. Chad!

  2. For filthy James when he said he was happy living in that filthy ugly and disgusting place in my head I said How can he like living in filth, Before: Before as soon as I saw the house inside I vomited a little it was just disgusting, After: After I was saying Hallelujah Hallelujah his house is sparkling clean, I also liked the way they where cleaning I liked how they were using natural chemicals.

    For Alejandra I was really happy and I wished I lived in her house I liked the way she color coded stuff it far better than filthy jameses house.

  3. Filthy James
    I watched all video (Filthy James 1 to 3). Before he is not organized, because her house is very dirty (sory). But now her house (he is very organized) is very organized! The his house (room) became clean on the coattails of them (cleaner). But that house would not become clean if there was not a desire to want to clean his house.

    Super Organized Alexandra
    I think she is very organized. But I think standapart from desk to pen receptacle, so bother go for to get pen. And I think expensive to do organized (clean), I want to organized to a low sum.

  4. Jai is correct. That’s similar to what I wanted to write. To make my story short, connecting to both of the opposites, you shouldn’t have no organization, while you shouldn’t have too much organization.

  5. If my house is not organized (dirty) I feel bad. And I clean my house and my house is organized, and I feel a fulfilment. And I feel happiness. I think that is organized create happines. If I did’nt clean my house I feel bad and not be comfortable to live.

  6. Filthy James was very messy, compared to Alexandra they are very different. Filthy James said that he was very comfortable in his house but if Alexandra was him she would be so surprised (in a bad way). Alexandra was very organized, she made her house be really fun because she organized it in a fun way.

  7. I think I am more like filthy James , because I am not so organized ,my room is a mess , and I am quite lazy so I don’t clean up, I wait for someone like my mum or sister to clean up for me.

    Filthy James is unbelievable. I wonder how he lived in that house for more than 7 years without axially cleaning it. Oh his toilet is just a mess and I cant believe he really baths and long calls there.James kitchen is a disaster ,and he really eats and drinks on those plates and glasses. I really feel sorry for James.

    Alejandra is just clean, I am pretty sure her passion is organizing, and naming so that she doesn’t forget where she put her stuff.The part I personally loved most was her color coded files. I love them because there are pretty and colorful,and also because each color has a specific tag(meaning)

  8. Moraa Siika said:

    Filthy James and Organized Alejandra, are very different. Filthy James’s flat is a mess. he doesn’t Organized himself. Every time he blows his nose, he throws the tissue on the ground. He was known for his dinner parties- 10 years ago. Organized Alejandra is the complete opposite. She can actually find her kitchen. She colour codes everything, and she is very Organized. I connect her to my dad. My dad colour codes his clothes, and loves being neat. Although, he doesn’t take his organization to the extreme. He is neat, but not as obsessed as Alejandra. I will upload all three filthy James videos on my blog.

  9. Wow! Filthy James is so dirty! Yuck! I watched this video and it was sick. I don’t know if I would call him disorganized. I think he is unhygenic.

    For Alejandra, I think she is over organized. My mum colour codes her files but this is just the extreme. She is so organized but how long would it take her to make a cup of tea. Also how long will it take her to put her shopping away. She may be organized but I don’t think she has any time management skills.

  10. […] Becoming organized if there is a feeling to want to do organized I learned through watch this video (Filthy James ). […]

  11. Saloni Patel said:

    Filthy James is really disgusting and is capable of living in an unhygienic area. It a very unhealthy way of living.

    On the other case Alexandra is kind of over organized. Like Tiana said she is really good in organization skills but would she be good in time-management skills if she spends time organizing too much. On the other hand Alexandra is making her life easier in a way. She is kind of saving time as when it comes for looking for things she knows where everything is and doesn’t waste time looking for things.

    I connect Alexandra’s life with Mr Chad’s and ours. Mr Chad makes us organize our class and that actually helps us find things easily.

  12. Wow that really was an interesting video and you right jay I wouldn’t want to be in Filthy James position.DIdn’t realize people could be so disorganized in life.Yah it’s the right answer for task b.Well we will have to think hard and answer task b well.

  13. Video 1:
    Filthy James is filthy know I know why they called him filthy James I don’t know
    How he managed to live their for 10 years that is CRAZY!
    Video 2:
    Look at the difference between Alexandra and filthy such a big difference because
    Filthy James is just filthy and Alexandra is super organized.

  14. samia juma said:

    I think that organized Alexandra is too organized and Filthy James is too disorganized.

  15. I think being too organized is not good because you get pressured too much of your limits

  16. i so the differnce between them and filthy james was too filthy and elxandra was too organized

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