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You have been thinking about these things: What are the hot spots in your life right now? The things that are not working well, that are disorganized. What are the things that are getting in the way of you achieving?


You have been thinking about these things?What are the bright spots in your life right now? The things that are working well, that are organized. What are the things you are taking a lead in?

Write a thoughtful comment by responding to these questions: What are you focusing on this week to turn 1 hot spot into a bright spot? How are you going to make it a habit?


Comments on: "Spots" (33)

  1. Sarah Cochu said:

    My hot spot that I am going to focus on this week is feeding the cats. I will make it a bright spot by making a time table for my sister and I. The time table will show who’s turn it is for feeding the cats.

  2. My biggest hot spot is organizing my basket because when looking for my books it takes me a very long time to find them. I will turn this into a bright spot by organizing it every morning and later in the day I will also be making to do lists in my bubble catcher.

  3. Moraa Siika said:

    My biggest hot spot, Is not dumping my clothes. Whenever I come from a shower, I normally dump my clothes. I am too tired, to pick them up. Although, this only happens on the weekend. I will take a before and after picture, as evidence. My biggest bright spot, is going to the blog and my blog. I have made more than 25 blog posts on my blog. On the normal blog, I am here every day. I show commitment.

  4. my biggest hot spot is reading to say the truth i still reed baby books but i read diary of a-wimpy kid but besides that i read baby books i need help in mu hot spot thank you.


  6. My biggest hot spot is my shelf is unorganized. So I’m going to do this week I will clean my shelf step by step.

  7. Saloni Patel said:

    My hot-spot is time-management skills. I am going to work on this by making a time-table for what things I have to do at a certain time. I will make this a habit by asking someone to sign of on it and see whether I have improved the next week or I haven’t.

  8. My hot spot is making my bed. I will take a video of me making my bed and e-mail it to Mr.Chad

  9. My hot spot is cleaning my room.I will always clean my room when it is a mess.To show evidence that I actually cleaned my room I will take a video of me cleaning my room and post it on my blog and show the class pictures.

  10. my biggest hot spot is dumping clothes in my bathroom and my brightest spot is studies i really want to change my habit of dumping clothes this is so embrassing for me because this is for baby habit and now i am going senior so i want to change my habit to a grown up habit and i normally dump clothes and then i wont pick them up till my mom or huse maid has to pick up the dirty clothes imagin my mom she has to pick them up yuck if i was her i would say no and tell my mom too pick it up

  11. My hot spot is my kryptonite. I am really trying hard to work on it. Saloni is a great help to me as she is always testing me. Mr. Chad, the book you have given me is really helping too. With Saloni’s and the book’s help, I know I will change my hot spot to my bright spot.

    My bright spot is doing my home learning in good time and I know I can improve this even more by deeper thinking. I am going to make my bright spot even brighter.

  12. My biggest hot spot is organizing my cupboard and
    My bright spot is going to the blog daily
    And i wish my biggest hot spot is my
    Biggest bright spot and I am going
    To make that happen because it
    Is all about believing in your heart.

  13. My biggest hot sot is going to the blog lately.I am going to turn it in to my biggest bright spot by trying to go on to the blog and writing it in my bubble catcher as a To-Do-List.I will check it each night to see if I am soppose to go to the blog.It will soon be my BIGGEST,BIGGEST bright SPOT.

  14. Pranay Hira said:

    My hot spot is keeping my bag tidy and organized. That should be a bright spot. My bright spot is throwing my cloths from one end of the bathroom to the other. You may think that is bad, but it’s not. The bathroom floor would get dirty and I could slip. And the extra time holding the cloths make the more wet. That would just cause the washing machine more energy, wouldn’t it? And I don’t miss. I make the cloths join together to make a ball and I throw softly at the basket. That is hand exercise and helps me get a hole in one! I throw my cloths in after I shower( if you were wondering).

  15. my hot spot is cleaning my book shelf

  16. Rahul Doshi said:

    My hot to is keeping my room tidy. I will have my mum to monitor my room daily and I will take pictures for evidence. I hope to turn my hot spot into a bright spot!

  17. Rahul Doshi said:

    Typo. The third word in between ‘hot’ and ‘to’ should be ‘spot’. And ‘to’, the third word should be removed. Sorry, guys, for the spelling errors. I’m really tired.

  18. Today I did exactly what Selest told me to do and today I got double the amount of chocolate as yesterday, and Selest was born in Alaska wich is in America and she is very sweet and nice to me.

  19. I have a lot of hotspots but my main one is going to the blog (I know I’m on it now) but I’m usually not i really need to work on this so I know what you are talking about when you talk about the blog what I am going to do about it is write notes in my diary to remember and I can put reminders (notifications) to make a sound when it’s time for me to go on the blog.

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