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Data handling


Why do we use graphs?


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  1. We use graphs for showing data and organizing data. Graphs can be used in many different ways. It can be used for a survey, percentage and many others.

  2. Moraa Siika said:

    There are different types of graphs. Line graphs, show change, in an amount of time. Bar graphs, show collected data. As Sarah said, you collect and Organized data. For example, a tally chart. You collect data and sort it out. A line graph, is the best way to show how we changed our hot spot, into a bright spot.

  3. We use graphs as a source of data. Like sarah said we use graphs to also organize our found data, thats because when we have found our data we will be able to use a graph to organize it well.

  4. This grph is portend (show) organized. We use this graph.
    This graph be show this week we are organized or unorganized´╝Ä
    This week what are we bad and think back on bad things.
    We tinkback on bad things and we known next week what are we need to do.
    We known this week what are we good, and gain confidence.

    I think Same to step back.
    This graph be useful to learning (work).

  5. We use graphs to show information. It shows your results of a survey. A graph is easy to understand because the results show straight away. It is a good way of showing data because you understand the result just by looking at it.

  6. Graphs vary with data for example pie chart can show percentages line graph and bar graph show data collected.They actually show important findings when you read.You show people’s opinion like for example how many people prefer school food to home food for every class.

  7. Saloni Patel said:

    We use different graphs for different things. We mostly use graphs for comparing data. We also use graphs like surveys for looking at what people like most.

  8. Graphs are used to signify data like surveys. For instance, some of the people who are doing reading as their passion project like Pranay took surveys of favourite authors in the class so they can convert that into a form of a graph.

  9. We use graphs to to handle, transfer, and order data. We make graphs in surveys, as Jai said. Graphs are very important in Math.

  10. We don’t make graphs specifically for Maths. We use graphs for various things, which indirectly connects to Maths.

  11. You can even use a graph to see are you improving day by day.

  12. samia juma said:

    As Sarah said, we use graphs to collect data.This helps us find out more in an understanding way.

  13. Samia in which understanding way because they are different ways like math’s English e.t.c

  14. We use graphs to collect data,and also some times to show improvement ,like when did river of learning we used Graphs to see how much we have improved in our hot spots.

  15. We use graphs to check the amount for something

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