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Action, Effort and Evidence

I was looking at our Flickr account and I came across the below photo. I have noticed that Rahul, Riko, Tiana and Ruby have done very similar things too. This is action, effort and evidence coming together at once. This is called taking a lead and empowering yourself to become more independent. It is a schedule of when Sarah and her sister are responsible to feed the cats.


Are you putting in the EFFORT to take ACTION and provide EVIDENCE too?


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    • Khaleel, again. You are showing EVIDENCE for coming to the blog by writing a comment, but where is the ACTION and EFFORT?
      Remember, this is just positive pressure.

  2. Moraa Siika said:

    I am putting in the EFFORT to take ACTION and provide EVIDENCE, because I took a before and after picture. The first picture, showed unfolded clothes, while the other picture showed folded clothes. The evidence is on my blog and Flickr.

  3. We will all step up and provide evidence of what we are achieving.And when we provide evidence we will be organized.

  4. First of all, I like the table. It is easy to understand and simple to read. This is prove that putting information in a table makes things easy to understand.

    I know that I am putting in the effort to take action and provide evidence. My pictures prove this. I have awarded myself a “WOW!” sticker this week for keeping my desk clean and organized all week.

  5. I’m putting in effort to take action and show evidence because I gave constructive feedback all week. I even replied on this post to Tiana.

  6. I think I am doing these things. But we’re a team, so in overall I think we all need to assist each other and be organized to ACHIEVE more. ‘As one you can achieve only 1 part, as a team you can achieve anything and everything’. Remember this. We need to show evidence that we are putting effort and showing action a a team.

  7. I did. But I need to more ACTION and EFFORT, and I need to show more EVIDENCE (easy to understand picture). Because if I’m did’nt do that things, respresenting I’m not organise. So I need to more take ACTION and EFFORT, and i need to show EVIDENCE (easy to understand picture). For the sake of more organise.

  8. The action I took for feeding the cats was a bit hard at first because I had to decide with my sister but she didn’t really agree with me, after she agreed with me, I accepted and I started to make the time table.

  9. The action was i made a graph to see if i woke up early in the morning or if i slouched.

  10. Drishti but where is your evidence

  11. I made a schedule that says when I have to organize my cupboard.

  12. I want to share this with my class I can’t believe I am half way to hundred my blog pots is more than 50 I believe to my self that I am leading in blog posts before I had 2 because they was a problem with my iMac I could not g trough my dashboard after that I surprised mr chad in my blog I had 45 now I added 5 more from YouTube I am so happy

  13. I am going to put the picture of before and after of my hot spots becoming bright spots and becoming a way of life which is a routine or habit to commit to and stretch yourself to achieve. Commitment and stretching also empowers us to achieve.

  14. samia juma said:

    I am showing action,effort and evidence in my hot spot.

  15. Now i am takind action and effort for my kryptornite passion and other things in common that i am doing in common hope a nice trip good luck.

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