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Take a close look at this image. Click on the image to enlarge it. This image shows two different ways of assessing.

One way is a traditional way of a teacher assessing a piece of student work. The other way is more of a modern way of assessing a piece of student work.

S1 (Student one)
S2 (Student two)
T (Teacher)

Teacher Assessment: Teacher assess the piece of work
Peer-Assessment: Other students assess the piece of work
Self-Assessment: You assess your own work

Which one do you like best and why? Which one brings out the best in you? Which one offers accurate and detailed feedback?


Comments on: "Assessment – Assessing what we learn" (19)

  1. Those pictures were awesome because people are stepping up on their hot spot 😎

    • Khaleel! It is great to see you stepping up and improving your hot spot. Now you just need to write longer, more thoughtful and creative, post-based comments. Well done, though! πŸ™‚

  2. Moraa Siika said:

    I think peer assessment is the best way to assess yourself. Peer assessment is the best way to assess yourself, because they can give you sweet and sour feedback. I connect that to home learning, because we might think our work is engaging, so your peers give you honest feedback. Peer assessment is the best way to assess yourself, because you don’t know how you’ve done, you need a guide. Although, you should also self asses yourself, to show your perspective. For example, we were self assessing ourselves, on how well we did our inquiry. That is when Mr.Chad came in and showed us where he thought we were. Both self and peer assessments should be used, in my perspective.

  3. I think first I would like to assess my own work to make sure what I have done is correct and then I would prefer peer assessment to get sweet and sour comments.But I would also like the teacher to assess me because he would guide me correctly.

  4. Mr.Chad why are you asking us this question because all our assessments are assessed by the teachers in school.

    • Ruby, it is good you brought that up. In these last 4 years, we have just been teacher assessed without being asked OUR ideas, perspective, and satisfaction. It’s boring when a teacher just calls out your name, you come forward, and take your marks. I like it better this modern way.

    • Good pick up Ruby and Rahul! I think teacher assessment is important and there is a place for it, but there is so much more learning when we peer and self-assess. This is what schools need to do more of in schools. Make learning and assessment open instead of hiding it away.

  5. I cannot decide which way is best. It depends. If you want sweet and sour feedback from someone who has experienced the same thing (peer assessment- student who has worked on the same project/work). Although, the teacher knows what he/she is assessing you for and can give the marks properly. However, when you mark yourself, you know how you did it, whether you did well or struggled, because you’ve just done the work and experienced it. The way I like best is the multi-marking assessment. The multi-marking assessment is similar to the way we marked our assessment. We graded ourselves, the teacher (Mr Chad) also marked our work, agreeing or disagreeing with us, while we share our ideas to our friends on how we think we did. I love that way! πŸ™‚

  6. I like the idea of peers and the teacher assessing the work. Its a good idea to get feedback from peers as they think of things in a different way from the teacher. The teacher’s assessment is also important as he will guide you on the right path.

    At the end it is good for me to assess too so I can reflect on how I could have done things differently and improve the next time.

  7. I think peer assessment is the best because, as Rahul said, we’ve been teacher assessed without our opinion. Also, peer assessment can give you a chance to be in the teacher’s shoes.

  8. I think Peer Assesment is the best, because if Peer Assesment I learned new learning, and also other people can learn other new things. If Self Assessment I can’t learn other things, and also other people can’t learn other new things. And I think better learning is friend teach and friend learn.

  9. I think peer assessing is the best way because you can get sweet and sour feedback ,you read them, understand the comments and with those comments you can improve.

  10. I go with Riko and Sarah because you read others feedback and improve.

  11. I agree with Sarah because it is nice to get asset by a
    Peer they are not afraid to say what they want to say
    They just let it all out of there system.

  12. Why I think I should choose self assement is because I can be honest with my work and I am being honest to my self if I lie it means I am lying to my self and to my sweet teacher mr chad and class that’s why I choose self assement

  13. I think peer assessment works the best for me and brings out the best for me because, when peers assess you, they say their perspectives on your work and they are not afraid to tell you their feelings about your work.

  14. samia juma said:

    I think all three are the best.

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