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Trust and Nicole


Make 2 comments about each point in the photo. Expand and lift….


Comments on: "Trust and Nicole" (30)

  1. Very few people trust me. I can earn trust by stretching myself.

  2. People trust me a lot in these ways:
    -My friends: To keep a secret. I am very trust-able and not a nagging snitch because when you turn your back on a good friend, it’s hard to earn their trust and friendship again. You will most likely regret this. That’s why I hate turning my back on friends. 🙂
    -My parents: To behave. They trust me to behave, even when they aren’t with me to watch me. 🙂
    There are many more people who trust me, like members of my family, my sports teams, etc..

    • That is true Rahul I trust you with some of my secrets

      • Pranay Hira said:

        You only trust me with a few secrets. Maybe because I don’t trust you and I snitch just for fun. You think I snitch on everything. I don’t I only snitch to payback. I have no other revenge than that, unless it includes physical activity.

    • Rahul, you took the time out of your day to think of and write a very thoughtful comment. Keep it up!

  3. I can earn more trust and stretch even more, like elastic, by being more honest and organized in everything because:
    This is the simplest sum to do, yet the hardest action to take. It may be easy to think or to do it once, but can you be consistent in taking action and trying to earn trust?

    • Good job Rahul you have done a very nice, thoughtful and understanding comment.

      KEEP IT UP!

    • Pranay Hira said:

      We have similar ideas and thoughts, don’t we? I think about something shallow, and just then, you make it deep and detailed. Nice work improving my idea, even though you didn’t know it before.

  4. Nicole’s kryptonite is presenting and I think that she did a really good job because she projected her voice, she had positive body language, and she used expression. I think that Nicole is really pushing herself to make her weakness, a strength.

  5. Some people trust me like my friends and cousins. I can earn more trust by being more careful and responsible.

  6. Nicole was really good when she was reading I really wanted yo keep reading she spoke with expression.

  7. Some people trust me because if somebody tells me to remind them to tell them something and I usually forget but sometimes I remember.

    FRIENDS:They trust me to keep a secret and not tell anyone else.

    PARENTS AND FAMILY: My parents trust me to work on my one and not fooling around.

  9. Some people trust me. Everyoneon behalf of trust me, I need to do more indissoluble time management, and I don’t expose secret…Like that. I can’t read minds. Actually these things is my thinking. Nicole is good reader. And she read good loud voice. But she read faster and she still stop, but she go to next sentence faster (sorry, but you are very good reader).

  10. Nicole did a good job i think that was the loudest she spoke she was very good.


  11. Nicole’s kryptonite is presenting she did a goog job she is kind of hitting here target. Nicole has put patiance time and effort into her work. One thing is wrong when she presents she laughs. For me I would choose some people turst her. Her work this days is like a flyer. Now lets go to me I choose most people trust me because I am given responsibility and duties which I never give up with my duties and I am happy that most people trust if I go lower or higher I would have confident to change position my aim is where everyone trust me

  12. Moraa Siika said:

    Today I was very surprised, because I didn’t know Nicole could present like that. While presenting, you are supposed to have good body language, expression, voice projection and eye contact, she had all of those factors. My kryptonite is also presenting. I presented too, so I know how she felt, so I can support her. That’s the loudest I’ve heard Nicole speak in class. Well done Nicole! Keep pushing yourself, but not too much.

  13. Ruby next time check your spelling mistakes but Nicole sir can trust you now on your kryptonite greater improvements un trust 😎

  14. Moraa Siika said:

    I put myself on most people trust me. My mum once trusted me to stay in the house alone and get on with it. My house help trusts me to stay by myself. Also, my friends trust me. Although, I am not trusted with glasses, because I end up breaking them. Instead, I have plastic cups.


  16. Nicole was really confident while presenting the story. Some people trust with their secrets and different things because. If they give some thing fragile like a glass I would normally be careless and break. Some of my friends trust me with there secrets because I don’t tell others and start gossiping.

  17. I think that mostly people do trust me. I can be responsible and help people. Some people do not trust me though because I can’t keep secrets. People know I am hiding something because I always giggle.

    I can earn people’s trust by trying harder to keep secrets I am told inside.

  18. Nicole you were a flyer today. You spoke clearly and loudly. We could all understand you. You did really well. Will a little more practice, you will be able to turn your kryptonite into your bright spot. Keep it up. 🙂

  19. Nicole was very confidence .

  20. Pranay Hira said:

    My parents don’t exactly trust me a lot now, because I do things my own way, even more different than Mr. Chad’s ways. To me they are great, better than sir’s. But I don’t like sharing a lot of what I do, not even to my parents. I do things secretly, and I don’t give the secret away, unless someone earns my trust, which is hard. My friends trust me for keeping their things while they are away and for me keeping their secrets. I am pretty wise with secrets. I only give them away if absolutely needed. Nicole chose a bed-time story for presenting and I don’t usually sleep while people read them. There is sweet and sour for her. Sweet, she had her loudest voice for the story. Sour, it wasn’t loud enough for me. Almost dozed of if not for the ending when she didn’t share It was the best part of the story for me, because I would have done the same.

  21. I was really shy before but these days I am really trying to stretch, Because at first I was not really happy when I was told to present, but now I pushed myself now I feel very confident.

  22. samia juma said:

    Most people trust me.I can earn more trust by being more responsible.Nicole was very good at presenting.

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