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A good sign of change


There were 29 comments on the blog last night. I am wondering why? What caused that shift?

  • Was it because some of you have made it a hot spot?
  • Was it because you are showing more commitment?
  • Are you stretching yourself?
  • Are you becoming more independent?
  • Are you more organized?
  • Do you have better time-management?
  • Any other reasons?

Please explain what is motivating you right now and how can we maintain this?


Comments on: "A good sign of change" (26)

  1. I didn’t really shift as going to our blog is my bright spot and a daily habit, but I think as a class, or TEAM, we really shifted because there were 29 good, thoughtful, detailed comments! This is very exciting and not unbelievable because I hoped we would have another post like this.
    I am connecting to the previous post, in my comment, because I talked all about being a team and it has paid off. I remember I wrote: ‘As one, you can only achieve one part (one comment), while as a team, you can achieve anything and everything/many (29 comments)’.
    I think I have stretched in the co-operation skill because I contributed, and that motivated others to contribute, and we all contributed, making a team. I am very impressed with our class! 🙂

    • Like in last night’s blog, you have taken the time out of your day to write a thoughtful and detailed comment. Well done Rahul! Keep it up!

    • We can maintain this by putting a blog reminder EVERYDAY and making sure we remember to read our reminder so as not to forget. That is the part of EFFORT, to put effort to remind ourselves. Next, if we follow the first, is the ACTION. We should take action after reading the reminder to straight away go to the blog and type a THOUGHTFUL comment (don’t rush to type. In the end, our EVIDENCE will be shown on the blog in the comments page.
      It’s that simple to maintain this habit, if you’re committed.

    • Good going Rahul.

  2. The blog is a way of life for me. I don’t think about it ; I just do it so I have already maintained this.

  3. I went to the blog because I was committed and I stretched myself to come here and comment so that I can take my learning further.I also came to the blog because it has turned into a routine for me.

  4. Saloni Patel said:

    I didn’t comment on the blog last night though I came to it and reflected in my head about how people trust me.

    I think I am constantly on the blog and this is because of my time-management skills which is my hot spot. I really have been COMMITTED on focusing on my hot spot. I will make sure I am constantly on the blog by making it a routine and habit.

  5. The blog posts are very interesting, and it is a way of life for me, it is a habit. I went to the blog because I always know that there is something new on the blog nearly every day.

  6. Moraa Siika said:

    I am on the blog 24/7. I am known to be person A. This is because, the blog posts are engaging, thoughtful and detailed. The blog brings learning home. I show commitment. The blog is my bright spot.

  7. I am on the blog 24/7 like Moraa I am a known to be a person A. This is because the blog is knowledge and helps us in studies one of my bright spot is going to the blog going to the blog is a routine for me and a cycle come home do home learning read take bath eat watch tv chat with mom and then come to the blog this is a cycle for me I have fun in my blog right now I have 54 posts I wish everyone could come to my blog and have a look. Going to the blog is a habit for me and one of my bright spot is time managment I always have time to come Mr Chad when it’s night I can’t sleep till I come to the blog and also today I am sorry I did a fake slap hope you didn’t fell bad because you said it’s a game the pen points to the person will get a fake slap I felt like I was kind of a NUMPTIE but I am not. I am a flyer but when I did that I was a NUMPTIE. Going to the blog is a reminder we have to read and post a sweet comment about the topic it’s like we put EFFORT to the blog. If we are team then come to the blog!! Mr chad why did you post this topic! SORRY TO ASK!!

    • Ruby, I visited your blog and I don’t think ‘Selena Gomez’ is a very relevant title. Maybe you could change the title of your E-Portfolio and make another blog entitled ‘Selena Gomez’. Also, when you’re posting photos, to use Mr.Chad’s words, you hook me in then I check the text and it’s a dead end. I am just suggesting not trying to put you down.

  8. 13 people in the blog yesterday. And many comments in there. You wondering, because recantly many people didn’t came blog. And people come didn’t come didn’t come …….. like that. motivation, sentimat effort I need to more inprove, sentiment like I need to more organizeand , and sentiment like have got to go to Blog… like these things caused the shift. I’m organize, but I need to more REPLY to other people. Some people came to blog and I think they conquer the Hot spot. I did stretching my self, and not better time-management, but I have good time-management.

  9. I am stepping up on the blog because the blog engaged me and it is detailed I am commited that everyday I would come to the blog 😎

  10. The blog is a way of life and a habit, and routine I do every day so I can’t let go just yet because the blog fulfills me with a good example for other children.

  11. For me, all of Mr. Chad’s points are true, but most importantly, I have set myself a goal that this week I will post a comment everyday. This is my “warm” spot that I am trying to make “bright”.

    I think the reason why there were so many comments was that we are all trying hard to be committed and show responsibility. We all want to do our part.

    Keep it up Class 5K! 🙂

  12. I am using time management and hot spot to keep me going. We are doing really well 5K keep it up let go for higher than 29.

  13. We went cccccccccrrrrraaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyy on the blog we should do this everyday good job.

  14. samia juma said:

    I think that the blog is a daily routine for me.

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