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What we want to do and what we need to do can be very different to what we actually do.

Why is this?


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  1. Moraa Siika said:

    It’s good to plan before you do your passion, to get a clear vision. You might end up thinking big, but you have bad time management skills. You’re not organized. For example, your passion is soccer, and you plan to make a film which is 1 hour. Next, you say you will organize a floodlight and invite arsenal and …
    It’s better to start with something small, and increase commitment bit by bit.

  2. Vision is very different from direction because vision is what you WANT to do, direction is what I NEED to do. They are very different meanings for example:
    Vision: I want to do a floodlight tournament.
    Direction: Book the field, write permission slips, organize the teams e.t.c.

  3. Correct Moraa and sarah

    for example
    DIRECTION: I have to book the stage write flyers.
    VISION : Organize a concert.

  4. I disagree with all of you (especially Mr Chad).Vision and direction are connected because a vision is what you see you passion project will look like, and direction is like a compass it leads towards your vision. It is like a food chain if you have no vision your direction would die and your work would be a failure.

  5. Vision is what you see, Direction is what you need to do to see what you had in mind. Example:
    VISION: A pixel art gallery, a house showcase(which is up on my personal blog) and a word document entitled MINECRAFT and subtitled ‘It’s more than just a game’
    DIRECTION:Ask Mr.Chad for his computer otherwise no Passion Projects at school for me.

  6. samia juma said:

    Nawaf, I disagree with you because your vision is what you want to happen and your direction is what you need to do to make your vision happen.But you don’t always make your vision come true.
    My vision is this:
    I want to make one of the months of the year into a month where people preserve nature.I want to call it “GREEN MONTH”.I am going to be doing it with Fatma.
    My direction is this:
    I need to make a video to advertise.
    My product will be for everyone.

  7. Because we have a vision what we want to happen but if we don’t commit to our vision we won’t direct ourselves and our vision will die then you will be left nothing.

  8. Vision is what you wish you want to happen, Direction is what you need to do to make what you wish to happen, For example my vision is making a calender, My direction is finding out what the details are for 2014.e.t.c

  9. Pranay Hira said:

    Let me break it up. No nine comments! Are we all still nine. Let’s make it 10!

  10. It’s nice to plan before you start so at least you know what you are going to do. Like an example I didn’t plan before so I was totally lost when I planned I was for used what to do I planned to make a fashion show on Friday last day of school I will tell mr chad and mr chad to book time place and day. So the school know friday it’s fashion day. I think I am right…
    MR CHAD NICE POST thanks for posting this because the team chad will be honest what they know about VISION and DIRECTION.

  11. Pranay what about 23 comments instead of 9999.

  12. I think vision and direction means not finish, not achieve, so I think vision and direction is I can learn little. But I think actually do means carry one’s project through, achieve, so I think actually do I can learn many. And I think vision and direction is easy to thinking, but not easy to take action. Because I need to effort. I want to apply to the custom, but that is a difficult for me. But I want to push my self.

  13. Wow Riko you have improved in your kryptonite well done you should be awarded of kryptonite:)

  14. Mr chad today I have not seen any comments from you how comes or you have put a challenge for us to face in

  15. Mr chad I am in this challange

  16. Your vision and your direction CAN be, it’s not a must, totally different as you 1. may not have the supplies you wanted, 2. you may have procrastinated and slumped back, forcing you to minor your expectations (make your main idea smaller), etc.. As you can see, there are many variables. You SHOULD be wise and follow your vision and not slump back, or do even better than your vision. I would be unwise to slump back and make your vision smaller. Keep working on your passion, everyone! 🙂

  17. Sorry I ment challenge.

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